"Rewards are reduced by the % of starter cards used" (2022.05.25)



This is the first time I see this message in Splinterlands, so probably it is a new "addition". I really cannot find the words to describe how bad it is to punish the players in the lower leagues.

This game is becoming more and more disappointing day by day. Honestly. The developers are ruining it. Killing it. They are turning the once awesome play-to-earn game into a bad pay-to-win game.

Honestly. Absolutely disappointing. This game was one of my favorite games in the previous few years.

I really do not like the direction Splinterlands is heading to, and I am seriously considering selling all of my Splinterlands cards after the end of the SPS airdrop, which will be approximately in two months.


My total Splinterlands card collection is currently worth $188.94 USD. This is not much, but this money probably would be in a much better place, if I would put it into Hive Dollars (HBD) savings.

By the way, today I reached the Bronze II League.

And the Bronze I League too.


Today I completed two daily quests. The rewards are the usual disappointing shit. Alchemy potion charge and 14 credits.


Currently I am in the lower end of the Bronze I League.


And I am currently amongst the top 100 000 players. I am currently the 95 110th. I played 57 battles in this season so far, and I won 32 battles, so my current win rate is 56.14%.


I played 8133 battles so far, and I won 4190 battles, so my current total win rate is 51.51%. I am playing Splinterlands since 2018.12.30.


As you can see on the screenshots above, nowadays I am putting the time and the effort into the game, but probably not for long. The changes in the reward system (at least the above mentioned change) in the recent past are making the experience of the players in the lower leagues even more bad, and I do not support punishing none of the players.

Every player should be encouraged and properly rewarded.

Good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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