Only three cards out of 15 focus chests (2022.08.07)

And all of them are common cards. Very bad. Obviously not worth the hours of effort. One Merdhampir, one Blood Maker, and one Pelacor Mercenary.

I still play Splinterlands to pass time, mostly when I am on the bus. Currently I am near the Silver III League. Probably I will reach it today, but I am still thinking whether I should advance or not. The Silver III League is often much harder than the Bronze Leagues, but the rewards in there are not much better.

I am currently the 4025th in the Bronze League, so I am currently in the top 5000 players in the Bronze League. I played 134 battles in this season so far, and I won 70 battles, so my current win rate is 52.23%.

If I see Splinterlands as a good video game, for example something like on Steam, then it is a good game. But its play-to-earn aspect is really bad nowadays. The investing side is another story. That is good too.

The play-to-earn aspect is better even in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). I easily earned back its price (and I have made even profits) with the skin drops. Nowadays I do not play it, but the game sometimes drop skins worth multiple dollars, while Splinterlands gives cards usually worth a few cents. I bought a few games on Steam with the money earned with the CS:GO skin drops.

If nowadays someone would like to earn back the initial $10 USD price of Splinterlands, then he/she will have a very hard time doing that. Probably months. Maybe even years.

But if we do not focus on its financial side, then it is a fun, entertaining and enjoyable game.

So good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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