I reached the Silver III League almost in the last hour of the current season (2022.01.15)


This is crazy. The current Splinterlands season is my hardest Splinterlands season so far. I have put a lot of time into the game recently. I played the game during the whole morning. And I finally reached the Silver III League.

I advanced, but I will not play more battles in this season.

There is literally one hour 30 minutes left from the current season.

I played 237 battles in the current season, and I won 117 battles, so my win rate this season is 49.36%. By the way, my current rank is 70 663, so I am in the top 100 000 players. This feels very good.


I hope that there will be at least a few good cards in the 12 reward chests. Hopefully Splinterlands will reward the hours and the effort I put into the game. And hopefully the next season will be easier.

Good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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