A Blood Maker card in a Focus Chest in the Bronze II League (2022.08.02)

Do not ask me why I even keep playing Splinterlands, because even I do not know. But yesterday (2022.08.02) I played enough to earn one Focus Chest, and today I claimed it. And somehow I was lucky enough to receive a reward card from that one Focus Chest. A Blood Maker card. Currently it is worth only $0.01 USD. Still more than nothing, but probably I will give this card away.

Actually the last time I played Splinterlands was literally 24 hours ago, so today I have not played it so far. It is understandable why I am not in the mood of playing this game nowadays. I already wrote about it. Everyone know it even without describing it. And one Blood Maker card will not encourage me to keep playing Splinterlands.

I played only five battles in the current season so far, and I won three battles. My current win rate is 60%.

I keep building my SPT and my SPS stake and the passive income from them, but probably I will not play Splinterlands that actively in the near future. So these Splinterlands tokens are maybe good investments, but Splinterlands itself is certainly not a good game nowadays. I can only repeat myself, but the very bad reward system is ruining the entire game.

I will put back a part of Splinterlands card collection to the rental market to lease them out. Hopefully it will still work, like it was a few months ago. But I do not know for how long. If more and more people will stop playing because of the disappointment, then probably not for long.

Good luck and have fun, if you play it.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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