10 focus chests, and the milestone of 9000 battles (2022.08.08)

I keep playing Splinterlands for fun. To pass the time mostly on the bus. I do not even expect real rewards anymore in this game. I simply gave it up. I do not even count the time (hours) I spend with playing Splinterlands either.

Three cards. Currently their total value is $0.09 USD. Yes. Nine cents. The Dhampir Infiltrator is currently $0.06 USD, the Vulguine is currently $0.02 USD, and the Pelacor Bandit is currently $0.01 USD.

At least both the Dhampir Infiltrator and the Vulguine looks good. I like that Mileena/Kitana-like and the wolf-like appearances. :D

The Pelacor Bandit is a real joke with that 1 735 692 circulating supply. This is one of the highest I saw so far.

I reached the Silver III League today, but I did not advanced, and I feel back either way by having a losing streak. The game still has the fun aspect, even if it is sometimes feels too hard and therefore frustrating. I played 169 battles in the current season so far, and I won 85 battles. My current win rate is 50.29%.

I do not know when, but I reached the milestone of 9000 battles in the recent past. I played 9090 Wild battles so far, and I played 38 Modern battles so far, so I am currently on my way to the milestone of 10 000 battles. That will be a great milestone.

I do not know what will happen to this game in the future, but it is better not to focus on its financial side. Try to enjoy the game. I know that is sometimes (or often) feels too hard, but it is still has its fun aspect.

Good luck and have fun.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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