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Today I am going to review the small mana/mini tanks often used in low mana battles. Costing very little 1-3 mana, these small tanks come with high health and sometimes shield plus they also possess some decent combo of abilities makin them a perfect choice for low mana battles. These smaller tanks can have a huge impact on battle outcome.

The list of low mana tanks is long with each and every one of them offer unique advantage in for their respective splinter and class. To avoid an extra long post I am going to do my top 5 low mana tanks in this post and remaining one in next.

So without any further delay lets get down to the business:


PELACOR CONJURER tops the list of my favorite low mana tanks. Costing just two mana, this guy belongs to life splinter. When maxed it have heavy health of 8. Although its a no attack monster, but it is loaded with abilities like Flying, Magic Reflect, Devine Shield and Phase. The best thing about PELACOR CONJURER is its speed of 5 at maxed level, which along with Phase helps it avoid all kind of attacks.


Cost: Being a common reward monster, PELACOR CONJURER have huge circulation of 1,809,477. This means naturally its price is low. Currently lowest cost per bcx is $0.011. Gold foil version costs a minimum of $0.43 per bcx.


PELACOR CONJURER is my second low mana tank. Belong to Earth splinter, FAILED SUMMONER costs just two mana and offer heavy health of 9 at maxed level. It is also offers Magic Reflect, Demoralize and Strengthen abilities.


Cost: FAILED SUMMONER is an untamed monster, having a circulating supply of 26,447. Since untamed edition packs got sold out, cost of FAILED SUMMONER skyrocketed. As of now lowest cost per bcx is $1.17. Gold foil version costs $14/bcx.


CHAOS AGENT according to many might qualifies to be the best low cost tank. This common chaos monster, costs just one mana and have decent health of 4 and speed of 4. It have best combo of evasive abilities, Dodge, Phase and Backfire. Just complement it with more speed related abilities and watch enemy struggle hitting it.


Cost: Belonging to Chaos edition, CHAOS AGENT have a high circulation of 242,430. But still due to its high utility as of now its lowest cost per bcx is $0.14. Gold foil version costs $1.95/bcx.


COCATRICE is one of the classic low mana tank, belonging to Beta edition. Costing two mana, at maxed COCATRICE have a melee attack of 2 and health of 4. Also the maximum speed is 6 which is pretty high. This gets very decently complemented with Flying and Dodge abilities. Being a neutral guy gives it increased utility.


Cost: Since it belongs to beta edition, COCATRICE have low supply of 9,315 and have high cost per bcx of $1.23. Gold foil version costs $54 per bcx.


DRAGON SPIRIT is yet another low mana tank that I love. Costing 3 mana it is a no attack and offers high speed of 6 plus health of 9 at maxed level. And the Flying, Immunity and Redemption makes it a tough pill to swallow.


Cost: DRAGON SPIRIT belongs to Dice splinter have a circulation of 7,152. And since Dice edition is out of printing so DRAGON SPIRIT's per bcx cost is $1.25. Gold foil version costs $22 per bcx.

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The above four 5 mini tanks are my all time favorite and I tend to stick with them whenever possible. Having said that there many other good low mana tanks that I may not use to often, I am going to discuss them in next part of this post!

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That will be all for today!

What do you think about above mini tanks?
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