New FURY Ability..... Good Luck to Taunt Monsters😂

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So the amazing Riftwatchers set have been finally out, with its amazing monsters and summoners. Watching at most of the Riftwatchers monsters especially the legendaries, gives me feel that they are designed keeping the high mana battles in minds. Nevertheless they are excellent option to have at one's disposal when needed.


With Riftwatchers set a new ability have also been introduced called Fury. The newly introduced Fury ability ability gives the monsters ability to deal double damage when targeting a Taunt ability monsters.


Taunt ability tanks can sometimes be such a pain in the ass, especially when backed by strong healing, shield repair and cleanse. They allow enemy to keep their vulnerable monsters safe from opportunity, snipe, sneak or blast attacks and certainly allow him to dictate the battle order and proceedings.

Earlier the Scattershot ability was introduced precisely to counter the reign of Taunt monsters. Scattershot allows ranged monsters to randomly target any enemy monsters without paying heed to even Taunt monsters. But the Scattershot is unpredictable and you can't control it. Sometimes you get lucky with Scattershot and hit the desired monsters and sometimes you don't. Plus you can only include so many Scattershot monsters in your lineup. To have an all around Scattershot you can always go for CONQUEROR JACEK but that does also limit your options as you get stuck with Fire splinter only.

Enters the Fury ability, courtesy of Riftwatchers. Fury ability allows you to tackle those annoying Taunt tanks once for all by dealing double damage. Fury ability is indeed invaluable, if you ask me and I expects to see it used more frequently in battles. I am also expecting to see this it in future pack sets.

As of now, four Riftwatchers monsters comes with Fury ability. Lets review these monsters one by one:


RUNE CRAFTER is a common neutral ranged monsters. The good thing about RUNE CRAFTER is it belongs to neutral splinters, which increases its utility. Plus it possesses Fury right from the Lev-1.
But RUNE CRAFTER have its limitations too. First of all being Ranged monsters means, it would needs to destroy heavy Taunt monsters shield first to get anywhere near to eating away its health. Second its speed is mediocre even at maxed levels, so unless complemented decently speed wise chances of RUNE CRAFTER missing its attack are always there. However, in reverse speed ruleset it can surly have high hitting chances.


RUNE CRAFTER is one the cheapest Fury monster out there and is available at a price of $0.15/BCX. Available at this price RUNE CRAFTER is a indeed a nice deal, especially since its a neutral so can be used with any splinter.

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DUMACKE EXILE is a common life unit possessing Fury ability starting from Lev-6. Its a melee attack sneak monster. The good thing about DUMACKE EXILE is it high speed right from Lev-1 giving it high chance of hitting the enemy. The melee attack of 4 at maxed level is good enough for a 6 mana monster, plus the health and shield are also decent enough to take any Thorns damage.
Being melee attack monster means, it needs to handle shields first; to me that is its only down side.


DUMACKE EXILE is available at a cost of $0.27/BCX and is the costliest Riftwatchers common. Its heavy sneak attack with Fury ability is the reason why people are valuing it so much. I don't expect its price to come down any more than that.



TECHNOWIZOLOGIST has a weird name indeed. It is a rare magic attack fire unit. TECHNOWIZOLOGIST gets Fury ability at Lev-4. The good thing about it is Stun ability right from Lev-1 and Camouflage at maxed lev. Plus being Magic attack monsters means, it can always avoid those normal heavy tank shields to get to the business right away.
There are some vulnerabilities too, e.g. average health means it is always susceptible to magic reflect damage. The speed is also low even at maxed level so chances of missing the attack are always there.


TECHNOWIZOLOGIST is available at a price of $0.45/BCX which is actually quite high for a rare monster. I guess the stats it possesses makes him pricier. But still at this price, its provides a option to include Fury monster in one's deck.



RUNEMANCER KYE is one of the best Fury ability monsters among the lot. It is a legendary magic water unit. RUNEMANCER KYE gets Fury staring from Lev-3. Its a flying monster right from Lev-1 so have high hitting chances and is immune to earthquake. The magic attack of 4 at maxed level is awesome indeed. Plus the Life Leach ability starting from Lev-1 will always help it to gain health or at least maintain it in case of magic reflect. It also have decent shield of 5.

There are some downsides of RUNEMANCER KYE. The health is mediocre and the speed is quite low so it will needs to be complemented by other speed related abilities.


As of now, RUNEMANCER KYE is available at a minimum price of $12.35. I personally feel that it is underpriced at this price and is certainly underrated. I expect the price to increase further once Riftwatchers get out of circulation and people starts realizing its utility.



There are also some other other Riftwatchers monsters and summoners that I am longing for, e.g. COEURL LURKER, AGOR LONGTAIL, RUNEMANCER FLORRE and STHISPA. But apart from them, I am also planning on getting my hands on these Fury monsters. They are certainly monsters you don't wanna miss out. My favorite ones among all above Fury monsters are RUNEMANCER KYE and DUMACKE EXILE. I can't wait to acquire them and include them in my ranks, as there is no better pleasure than watching a new monster with new ability wreaking havoc in battle field.


That will be all for today!

Did you tried Fury ability?
Do you like it?
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