Share your battle #17: Diemonshark

Hi there and welcome splinterland players to another share your battle featuring one of the meanest sharks for the depths of Splinterlands...


Diemonshark is one of the best shielded tanks the water splinter has to offer.
Despite it's steep mana use, i see it used a lot around in the bronze league. As i 'm not a fan of this card, i rarely use it, but for this challenge a had a go with him in a battle or 2, to see if i should use this tank more often.

The Battle

Diemonshark is a mana hungry monster, but with a mana cap of 38 in the silver league battle, that shouldn't be an issue. The line-up i used consisted of:

  • Summoner: Kelya Frendul
  • Tank: Diemonshark
  • 2nd: Torrent Fiend, for some 0 mana target practice
  • 3rd: Djinn Oshannus, Magic and Void with a lot of health and speed. Also using 8 mana.
  • 4th: Nerissa Tridawn, 3 magic attack but at the cost of 9 mana
  • 5th: Venari Wavesmith, for some extra shielding
  • 6th: Coral Wraith, for magic attacks to the back.

As you can see, my opponent also used the Diemonshark, and both of them got taken out within 2 rounds. For the mana cost, i don't see the card have any value on level 1, or i am using it wrong, who knows.

Yay or Nay

My choice for a tank in the water splinter would definitely go to the Serpent of Eld because of the somewhat lower mana and i prefer the Swift ability over the Trample of the Diemonshark. Or if your more of a magic player, Djinn Oshannus or Lobstradamus would be a better choice.

So will i use it more often in battles? I think i let him swim in the depths of the Splinterlands oceans.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the battlefield or in the next share your battle by @splinterlands !

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