Share your battle #15: Pulling magic with Magi of Chaos

Welcome splinterfans to another share your battle. This weeks spotlight will be on one of the Neutral cards splinterlands is rich of.

Now i don't tend to use neutrals a lot, except for the Chaos agent as filler or the occasional Sand Worm in reverse speed battle's. So let's see if the Magi of Chaos can change this...

Magi of Chaos

The Magi of the Chaosium are the heralds of the Legion itself. For hundreds of years they met and studied in secret, gathering ancient artifacts and scraps of forbidden knowledge, much that was once thought lost. As the convergence grew close they plied the void for its treasures and listened furtively to the voices in the dark to make way for the coming of the Lord of Chaos. Once the way was opened and doom poured from the sky they rose from their hidden places to claim the promise of power from their dark masters.

Costs & Use

Normal Foil (level 1)Gold Foil (level 2)
EditionChaos Legion
Rental a day0.126 DEC4.450 DEC

Above prices are taken from

Despite being relatively expensive in gold foil, it still adds a nice 2500 power points to your deck. What's more, is that has good health and attack over it's direct competitors Elven Mystic and Venari Spellsmith (both weighing in at 1 attack and 3 / 2 health respectively)

The Line-up


The most used Earth summoner of this moment. And the additional magic does great on our Magi of Chaos

Mycelic Infantry

A great tank with deflect to keep Fire or those pesky Life decks at bay.

Khmer Princess

Low mana magic attacker.

Wood Nymph

The little healer sister of the Goblin Psychic. Always good to have one or even both in your deck.

Magi of Chaos

Star of the battle, and a good addition to earth or water (in combination with Alric Stormbringer)

Djin Biljka

Great closer because of it's camouflage. Stays with you till the end.

The Battle

I chose this line-up because, and more specifically my tank, because my opponent used life 5 times in a row, making the Mycelic Infantry the go-to tank. And as you can see, he did great against fire as well. The magic monsters backing him up, had no problem taken out my opponents deck in only 2 turns.

Yay or Nay

If your a fan of magic attackers this is a card you should pick up and add to your deck. It's of great use because of it's health and attack base stats. So if the mana cap let's you add it, you should!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on the battlefield or in the next share your battle by @splinterlands !

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