Attacking from afar with the Xenith Archer

Welcome Splinterland players from around the globe. It's time for another share your battle!

After battling with Dragons last time, it's time to go to the neutral side for this week. Let's see if i can make some good use of the...

Xenith Archer

Xenith Archer stats

Despite with the basic set of cards, it's actually i card i don't use. Why? Because most splinters have the same or better cards for 2 mana to fill up you team.
Fire has the Goblin Fireballer, Water for instance has the Ice Pixie and Earth has the Goblin Dartling. And that it doesn't have any abilities or high stats also doesn't help.

But let's see if i add it to a battle..

These are the battle rules for this battle:

  • Usable splinters: Fire, Water and Dragon
  • 28 Mana cap
  • Back To Basics: With this rule-set, monster loose all abilities, and because the Xenith Archer doesn't have any, there is nothing lost.

So, after these rules, here's my line-up:


The Dame of the fire squad. Adding some nice stats to your attack and health.
Level Used1
Rent0.1 DEC
Buy$1.905 (level 1)

Elven Defender

I used this card as tank, because it has higher stats than the living lava for instance. And because of the rule-set, the living lava wouldn't have deflect.
Level Used1
Rent0.5 DEC
Buy$0.7 (level 1)
High Defence and Health

Blood Maker

One of the new reward cards, which has some nice speed and trample. Now i used it purely for the ranged attack.
Level Used1
Rent0.1 DEC
Buy$0.01 (level 1)
ScattershotLow life
High Speed

Xenith Archer

The ranged attacker used for this weeks battle.
Level Used1
Rent0.846 DEC
Buy$0.276 (level 1)
Low Mana CostLow stats

Lava Launcher

Great Ranged card from the fire squad with solid stats despite it's high mana costs. For this battle i used it as a closer to see if i could take out some opponents and leave room to keep it attacking.
Level Used1
Rent0.1 DEC
Buy$0.101 (level 1)
Close Range9 mana cost
High Stats

Full Battle

Link to the full battle

Did my line-up work?

Nope. I didn't think of the fact that the Water splinter, which could also be used, house a lot of magic attackers. This making my team the lesser of this battle.

With some misses on my side, my tank got wiped out by the opponent at the start of the second round, which resulted in a new tank not able to attacker. And this would be the issue for each monster afterward.

Luckily for me, the humiliation was only for 5 rounds.

Would you use this card again?

No. As mentioned above, most splinters have a counterpart of the xenith archer with better stats. That, and i am also not a ranged attacker player. So taken this all in account, i won't use this card any time soon.

Hope to see you on the battlefield or in the next share your battle by @splinterlands!

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