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Hello Hive users (Especially Splinterlands Players), Welcome to my newest Post. This time I decided to do GIVEAWAYS because I just wanted to use my Resource Credits more often, because previously I only used Resource Credits 2-3 times per week (I mean, I only made post 2-3 times per week).

Another reason is that I want to fulfill my quota to take part in the challenges held by Splinterlands every week (max 2 posts) when I don't want to post about SHARE YOUR BATTLE or WEEKLY ART CONTEST.



What is Upvote Budget?

Upvote Budget (or maybe there's a better name) is a slightly different (perhaps) GIVEAWAYS from the others. The reason for naming Upvote Budget is because all prizes destined for GIVEAWAYS come from the total Upvotes received in each post (more precisely the Author Reward section)

How these giveaways work

  • Every GIVEAWAYS post uses @reward.app (so the reward for posting will be HBD and HIVE)

  • The Total Upvote Value greatly affects the number of winners and the limit of cards that can be selected

  • Winners can choose any card they want (As long as there is sufficient DEC)

  • The maximum number of winners is 3 people (3 draws) or until the DEC is not sufficient to purchase a card.

  • The remaining DEC will be added to the GIVEAWAYS the next week.

The amount of HIVE that will be converted into DEC depends on the value of the overall votes obtained by each Giveaway post

If less than $7 = 1.5 HIVE will be converted
If between $7~$9 = 2.25 HIVE will be converted
If between $9~$12 = 3 HIVE will be converted
If more than $12 = 3.75~4.5 HIVE will be converted


How to join this GIVEAWAYS

  • Upvotes are not required as a condition to enter this GIVEAWAYS. However, the more upvotes that each post gets, the more varied the cards that can be selected will be.

  • Re-blog is also not a requirement. However, the more users who know about these GIVEAWAYS, the more likely they will upvote and the prizes will increase.

  • You just need to write a comment once on each GIVEAWAYS post.

    • Also write down your IGN (In-Game Name) if it is different from the name you use for your HIVE account.

    • Write down a list of the cards you want, starting with the most expensive to the cheapest. If you don't write it down, you will be disqualified (but 1 draw will still be counted)

Example* :

@vrezyy (or you can write IGN: vrezyy)
1. Tenyii Striker
2. Venari Crystalsmith
3. Gargoya Lion

*You are free to write down how many cards you want (as long as you follow the rules), but each winner will only get 1 card.


Previous GIVEAWAYS winners (#50)[Will be Update Soon]

value of the overall votes obtained from last week: $6.96 x2 = $13.92 (3.8 HIVE will be converted)
DEC earned from converting HIVE: 2205.874
The remaining DEC: 285.754
Total DEC: 2491.628

No.WinnerCard they got

The remaining DEC: 173.943



Giveaway #50 (END)


That was the GIVEAWAYS post that I will hold every week. And thank you for visiting and participating in this GIVEAWAYS.

See you in another post.....

special thank:

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