Hello everyone, welcome to my first SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE for this week's theme. For the first entry I want to talk about my battle using Mylor Crowling, the rare summoner card from the DICE edition. . And before going to the main discussion.........................


Ruleset for this time is FOG OF WAR and UP CLOSE & PERSONAL with 28 mana. FOG OF WAR is a situation where Monsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities. UP CLOSE & PERSONAL is a situation where Only Monsters with Melee attack may be used in battles.

Yang bisa bertarung di pertempuran kali ini hanyalah Monster yang berada di posisi pertama dan yang memiliki "OPPORTUNITY".


My Line-Up

Give THORN ability to All AlliesA suitable summoner for Ruleset this time. The THORN ability will damage 2 points every time the opponent's Melee Monster (1 point if the opponent's monster has SHIELD) attacks my monster.
Shield (Lv1)In FOG OF WAR Ruleset, all Monsters including Melee Monsters cannot use SNIPE nor SNEAK (if they have them). So most likely the attack will go to the Monster in the first position. (OPPORTUNITY Ability can still be used in this Ruleset)
Demoralize (Lv1)Because in Ruleset this time you can only use Melee Monsters, DEMORALIZE is perfect for being able to weaken your opponent's attacks while giving them the effect of THORN.
Opportunity (Lv1)The only Monster from Earth Element that has OPPORTUNITY and can be used for free. (Also has less Mana.)
Retaliate (Lv1)When the Monster that was before him is still defending, he will use a Range Attack. And when he is the last Monster standing in this Ruleset, he will rely on Melee Attack and RETALIATE.




The opponent uses Mother Khala (+1 Health Point to All Allies) as his summoner. The selection and positioning of several opposing monsters is the same as mine. Putting Monsters that have SHIELD abilities in first place, Disintegrator in second, and bringing monsters that have OPPORTUNITY Ability (although different in number)

After all abilities are applied.....


Mother Khala's Ability gives an additional 1 Health point to all enemy Monsters, and an additional Ability in the form of 1 Attack Point reduction for all of my Melee Monsters given by the opponent's Disintegrator.

On my side, Mylor Crowling gives an additional ability in the form of THORN to all my Monsters. And additional Ability in the form of 1 Attack Point reduction for all Melee Monsters belonging to the opponent given by my Disintegrator.


In round 1, Chaos Knight tried to attack the Mycelic Infantry. However, because of the attack points of Chaos Knight and because the Mycelic Infantry has SHIELD, the attacks of Chaos Knight are useless. (Chaos Knight is also affected by THORN and reduces her ARMOR by 1)

The other 2 enemy monsters that can attack (Celestial Harpy and Cave Slug) aim their attacks at Venari Scout who has the lowest Health Point among all the monsters I brought in this battle. However, because Venari Scout gets an additional THORN ability, Celestial Harpy and Cave Slug is affected by THORN (2 Health Points reduction each time it attacks)

At my side, War Chaang tried to attack Chaos Knight with a range attack. However, because the number of Attack points is only 1, the attack is useless. Then Venari Scout aimed at the Celestial Harpy and defeated her.

My attack was ended by Mycelic Infantry who attacked Chaos Knight and damaged 1 of her ARMOR.


In round 2, War Chaang again attacked Chaos Knight using Range Attack and nothing happened. Venari Scout attacks Gargoya Scrapper and reduces 1 Health point. The same thing happened to Chaos Knight who was attacked by Mycelic Infantry.

On the opponent's side, Chaos Knight again tried to attack Mycelic Infantry and only found himself affected by THORN. Meanwhile Cave Slug managed to defeat Venari Scout but he was also affected by THORN.



In round 4, Chaos Knight finally had to lose to an attack from Mycelic Infantry and his position was replaced by Disintegrator. then Disintegrator tries to attack Mycelic Infantry but in vain because his Attack point is only 1. (Disintegrator is also affected by THORN)



Disintegrator lost at the beginning of Round 6, it made the Attack points for all my Melee Monsters back to normal. The other opposing monsters also lost in this round Due to the effect of THORN when trying to attack Mycelic Infantry.

To see the full battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK
And this is the challenge link >> CHALLENGE LINK


STRATEGY (Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?)

I had already guessed that I would be the winner. Because Mylor Crowling is indeed the best choice in the UP CLOSE & PERSONAL Ruleset. With the THORN ability that he gives to all monsters and using monsters that have SHIELD or monsters that have enough Health points are enough to win in this ruleset.

there will be no change for the future strategy....

Do you like Mylor Crowling?

If I meet an opponent who uses it and with the same ruleset, maybe I will immediately press the SKIP BATTLE button because 90% of the wins are already confirmed to be his.

But it's true that Mylor Crowling has a fairly expensive price even though it's only a Rare Summoner, because his THORN is quite useful in almost every battle.


That was the explanation of my battle using Mylor Crowling. A Rare Summoner card that has a higher price than other similar cards, and that's because of the THORN he has as an ability.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. See you in the next post....

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