SHARE YOUR BATTLE ! WEEKLY CHALLENGE || Avoid attacks with the "FLYING" Ability


Hello everyone, welcome to my first SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE for this week's theme. For the first entry I want to talk about my battle using Void Dragon, Monster from Dragon Splinter. Even though the "Dragon" theme is over, at least I want to show the power of this Dragon Monster. And before going to the main discussion.........................


Ruleset for this time is CLOSE RANGE and NOXIOUS FUMES with 15 mana. CLOSE RANGE is a situation where Ranged attacks may be used in the first position in battles. NOXIOUS FUMES is a situation where All Monsters start the battle Poisoned.


My Line-Up

Give +1 Attack points to All Allies Magic MonstersI chose Delwyn Dragonscale because I wanted to use Magic Attack to reduce the enemy Monster's Health Point without having to reduce its ARMOR first. (Although the Magic monster selection is less because Delwyn Dragonscale already consumes a lot of Mana.)
Void + Flying (Lv1)Void Dragon has 2 Abilities even though it's still at level 1, and those 2 Abilities are quite profitable. VOID just in case the opponent brings Magic Monster, while FLYING to increase the possibility of the opponent's Monster attack being missed if they don't have the same ability.
Cleanse (Lv1)The ability of Scavo Chemist (Cleanse) is useful for removing the Poison effect of the Monster in the first position caused by the NOXIOUS FUMES Ruleset.
Opportunity (Lv1)Targets the enemy monster that has the lowest number of Health Points (HP). (Although in Ruleset this time (NOXIOUS FUMES) he can only survive in the first round.)




The opponent uses Kretch Tallevor which has 2 points of Mana as the Summoner. He also brings 2 Monsters that have 0 Mana (Scrotch Fiend and Furious Chicken), a Monster that has VOID ARMOR (Venari Heatsmith), and a Monster that has IMMUNITY alias immune. against any De-buff (Forgotten One)

After all abilities are applied.....


My summoner (Delwyn Dragonscale) gives an additional 1 Attack point to the only Magic Monster I brought in this battle (Void Dragon). Meanwhile, the summoner on the opposing side does not give any additional abilities to the opponent's monster.

All Summoners who have 2 Mana (Epic Rarity) are not equipped with any Ability.


In round 1, Void Dragon attacks Venari Heatsmith and hits his Armor. (Although magic attacks should be able to directly hit Health Points regardless of Armor, this does not apply if a Monster has VOID ARMOR as its Ability)

My attack continues, and now it's Serpentine Spy's turn to target Scrotch Fiend and defeat him (Even though Furious Chicken also has the same Health points as Scrotch). Fiend, but OPPORTUNITY targets the front Monster first)

Before Round 1 ends, Scavo Chemist removes the Poison effect of Void Dragon.


In round 2, the Poison effect begins to activate and deals 2 Health Points (per round) damage to all monsters with that effect. (Except Void Dragon which has been healed by Scavo Chemist and Forgotten One who have IMMUNITY)

Venari Heatsmith and Scavo Chemist can still survive after 1 hit by Poison even though 1 Health Point remains. Meanwhile Furious Chicken and Serpentine Spy must lose because they only have 1 Health point before being affected by Poison.

The second round ends with an attack made by Void Dragon on Venari Heatsmith which only removes ARMOR belonging to Venari Heatsmith.



In round 3, Venari Heatsmith and Scavo Chemist finally lost after being hit by the effects of Poison twice. The battle left only Forgotten One and Void Dragon. But unfortunately luck was on my side, from round 3 to 6, the Forgotten One attack missed. Meanwhile, the attack from Void Dragon always hits Forgotten One and defeats him.

To see the full battle, you can watch it at >> FULL BATTLE LINK
And this is the challenge link >> CHALLENGE LINK


STRATEGY (Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?)

You could say the strategy for this battle was made spontaneously and carelessly. Actually I can use Fire Elements and use Forgotten One which incidentally has IMMUNITY, but somehow I want to try using Magic monsters (and assisted by Scavo Chemist to eliminate Poison) .

And I was really lucky because the attacks of Forgotten One missed 4 in a row. Even though judging from the attack point, Forgotten One can beat my Void Dragon in 2 attacks (if you don't miss it)

For future strategy, maybe I will replace Void Dragon and Delwyn Dragonscale with Living Lava and Malric Inferno.

Do you like Void Dragon?

After this battle, my interest in using the Void Dragon grew even higher. Besides being able to reduce the effects of Magic attacks using VOID, his Flying ability has the opportunity to make attacks from Melee and Range Monsters miss.


That was a little explanation about my battle using one of the Monsters from the Dragon Splinter (Void Dragon). Where in this battle he was able to escape 4 times from Forgotten One and NOXIOUS FUMES attacks (thanks to Scavo Chemist)

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. See you in the next post....

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