Vaynard86's Splinterlands Giveaway #19

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Hello all, welcome to my 19th giveaway! Thank you to all whom have taken part in the 18th giveaway. Hope everyone have a good start to their week.

Giveaways in the community are really what makes things moving in play2earn community. The goodwill of those whom are in the game longer than others really brings help and support to those whom are new to game and also help existing players to grow stronger to be better positioned ingame.

Thank you to all whom have joined my past giveaway and the support you've rendered me to keep this giveaway going. Thank you to all whom have observed the rule change for the giveaway. For those who haven't, do make sure you add in the splinter type for your entry.

Without further ado, let's reveal who's the winner of the giveaway.

The Splinter for giveaway will be: EARTH

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Winner Announcement:

The winner is: @bandada!

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We had 6 people choosing Earth for this time and many without indicating Splinter choice.

Other participants: @tengolotodo, @akiraymd, @mordikkio, @kryptofire, @alexis666, @emeka4, @jfang003, @ieronimus, @olaf.gui, @treefrognada, @pero82, @pandachef, @henruc, @relf87, @bitandi, @ianballantine

Giveaway transaction:

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Congratulations on your win! Card has been sent.
To the other participants fret not, your turn will come! And please please indicate your Splinter choice for this giveaway.

Many have chosen Water this time round but wheel decided for Life. Participants, do relook and strategize how to win for the next giveaway.

Card to be won for this giveaway - NEW RULE PLEASE READ

Please take note that rules have been changed for this giveaway. Instead of posting which card to given out, the giveaway will be conducted in 2 parts, part 1 to determine which splinter type for the giveaway and part 2 for people whom have chose the winning splinter type.

Type of Splinter and associated card:
Fire - Venari Heatsmith
Water - Pelacor Bandit
Earth - Pelacor Mercenary
Life - Pelacor Conjurer
Death - Pelacor Deceiver
Neutral - Gargoya Lion

Rules for this giveaway:

  • To take part, please comment the Splinter type (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Neutral).

  • Upvotes, Reblogs and Token Tips (e.g 🍕 PIZZA, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV, 😆 LOLZ) are absolutely NOT required, but are greatly appreciated. These will allow me to continue running more giveaways more often and possibly putting up better/more expensive cards up for grabs.

  • Splinter type will be determined by wheel of names and winner of giveaway will be chosen via this tool and revealed in the next giveaway post. (Bots will be excluded)

  • Please include your Splinterlands username in the comment if it is not the same as your Hive username.

  • Do follow me so that you will not miss out any giveaways.

Thank you all for dropping by, reading my post and participating in the giveaway. See you in the next giveaway!


I am currently part of PIZZA, an active gaming and creative arts crypto community on the HIVE blockchain and part of PIZZA guild. Popular cryto games such as SPLINTERLANDS, RISING STAR and HASHKINGS are actively discussed in this community.

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