This Dragons Assemble for Ultimate chaos - Share your battle challenge

Hello every one and welcome to my post on the weeks share your battle Challenege using themed monster **"Dragons" ** you also can partake in this weeks Splinterlands share your battle challenge by using the link showing you details on how to send in your entry.


Dragon Cards

The dragons a monster card that belong to the dragon elementals card features fire breathing dragons , and as part of the dragon elementals thecards attacks with light magic prism.Everyone knows that dragons dominate this game, they are the most powerful cards, and when the breast is in surplus it is very likely that these cards appear and the reason is very simple. These cards are very strong. they are able to combine with other splinterland card element

Dragon cards Highlights

  • They are most powerful cards in Splinterlands in my opinion.
  • When combined together they are a force of nature .
  • They can also be used in combination with other card elements.
  • Their rarity makes them expensive therefore, they do solid damage.

Runic Skyclaw.png

todays dragon card focus is going to be on runick skyclaw dargons cards a, I am a going to be discussing in details the play-out of the jsjj and in my battles challenge considering card statistics, perks and strategy in battles. and this battle would show you all the goodness of this card .

Card Lore

Over time, the Riftwatchers have developed and refined a suit powered by pistons, gears, and dragon magic. A marvel of runic engineering, it allows its wearer to take flight and soar through the sky on mechanical, dragon-like wings. Using reinforced tubes, the user can release precision beams of fire from the palms of their hands. The suit’s sophisticated servos and actuators are extremely responsive to the natural movement of the body, providing extraordinary agility while in flight.


This is my battle using dragon i cards n the lineup, i also would also talk about my strategy in positioning in details.

Battle Ruleset- No modification to game play
Battle Mana cap- 29
Available Element- All element
Element- Earth vs Dargon

Here is a link to click and watch the battle -

Team Positioning/ Strategy


Drake of Arnak

Screenshot 2023-01-09 7.41.49 AM.png

Rarity - Rare
Card edition- unramed edition
Mana cost- 4
Attack- plus 1 Sheild

In this battle, i drake of arnak in the summoner positioning giving team cards plus 1 shield

1st Position

Gloridax Guardian

Screenshot 2023-01-09 7.49.10 AM.png

Card edition- Untamed
Rarity- Legendary
Mana cost-6
Attack - 2 melee attack
Health - 6
Speed- 2
Shield- 2
Special Ability- Reach

2nd position

Runick skyclaw

Screenshot 2023-01-09 7.48.55 AM.png

Rarity- Rare
Card edition- Untamed
Mana cost- 9
Health - 5
Speed- 6
attack- 3 ranged attack
sheald -3
Special ability- flying and snipe

3rd position

Scale Doctor

Screenshot 2023-01-09 9.32.48 AM.png

Rarity- legendary
Card edition- Untamed
Mana cost- 5
Health - 7
Speed- 2
attack - 1 ranged attack
Special ability- strenghten

4th Position

Void dragon

Screenshot 2023-01-09 7.49.35 AM.png

Card edition- Chaos of legion
Mana cost- 5
Attack - 1 magick attack
Health - 7
Speed- 5
Special ability - flying and void


Screenshot 2023-01-09 8.05.35 AM.png


  • Round 1

Screenshot 2023-01-09 9.50.48 AM.png

Round 1 start with summoner buffing up team player with special abities, runic skyclaw takes out magic attacker goblin psychic intantly ith a single hit,last man in my lineup simultaneously deal damagae at opponents tank, opponnts 2nd position monster proceeds to break my teams tank shield after several hit and damgae,

  • Round 2

Screenshot 2023-01-09 9.51.31 AM.png

In round 2 Runic skyclaw deals damage at enemy's 4th position monster, eliminating it instantly for the second time, a double attack from Void blast and Scale Doctor ranged attack at opponents tank

  • Round 3

Screenshot 2023-01-09 9.53.09 AM.png

A blast from Void Dragon eliminates 2nd position monster, in opponents lineup, Gloridax Guardian now at 1 health point takes out Venari Scout in opponents team.

  • Round 4

Screenshot 2023-01-09 9.53.35 AM.png

in round 4 a single hit from runic skyclawaeliminates last man monster in enemy team, leading all my team monster to victory all still remaining in the battle.

Final conclusion on battle playout using Dragon monster

It is undisputable that dragon cards are very powerful, but its still shock me how this cards effortlessy elimintae monster in battles, i have been playing with dragon cards for a while now and they always turn out succseeful, among my favorite dragon card is the runic skyclaw which was my focus on this weeks share your battle challenge "themed dragons" ,it really was the leader in this battle , it did intense damagage in the battle taking out more than 2 monster from the opponents team instantly at both instance, with is its ability snipe targeting backline monsters at random enable reduced amaoun of attack leading up til the end.

Thanks you for reading today's post, i would like to know your opinion on dragon cards in the comments if you have tried using this card to battle before, i hope to see you in my next post.

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