Slowly Building The Deck - The Start Of Zero to Hero?

I've been slowly building my Splinterlands deck but it just feels like I'm falling further and further behind now. First let's take a look at some of the recent rewards I collected.

Total value of deck is a little over $900 not too bad!

Our season ending rewards came in and we picked up potions and a very little bit of credits.

From there we did our daily quest and picked up a little bit of credits again.

Let's just say we are not getting anywhere fast right now lol. This means we need to try something new in order to level up first.

The only way I see doing that right now is to start buying into Chaos packs. So that's what I'm going to start doing. Almost like a zero to hero type post.

A Zero to Hero post will be daily what I did and center only around Splinterlands type posts. These post will include things like a few of my battles, the rewards, new things I learned and so forth. From that my hopes are the post rewards can be sold off into new Chaos packs which is where the zero to hero post comes in. I'll most likely abbreviate it [z2h] at the front of the post.

So yeah let's start today as day one of the Z2H plan all post rewards will be sold for Chaos packs and opened.

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