New Card Plus New Rank?

It's been a while but I just landed a new card in splinterlands!

It might only be a 15 cent card but ever card helps in boosting the deck and getting me a little closer to hitting that new battle tier. I am over half way to reaching the next level where I will finally be able to earn DEC from my battles! That's a good feeling!


I also thought December 8th was going to take forever to get here. However after the busy holiday season last week blew by. I'm curious how this next week and a half will go leading up to Chaos release!

More Vouchers, more cards, unpacking finally! and battles with new cards is going to breath some huge fresh air into the game and really get things spiced up.

One thing I am wondering on though is land. I remember it was originally said it would be out this year but that's looking like something that wont be happening. Anyone have possible release details on that?

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