Moar Credits

Seems like all I get now are credits in about the total of $0.01 or less. Which kind of blows to be honest. No more reward cards etc. I understand the changes for those who only bought spell books but I did pay $200 for packs to get started in the game and shouldn't that qualify me to start earning reward cards and not junk credits?

Today we locked in 18 credits which I think if my conversion is right that's 1.8 cents nearly 2 cents of which I believe can only be used in game as it's not really a token or anything like that. We did push into bronze 3 but it seems like we going to to have to bump up some cards here if we want to start getting out of bronze and into silver. I guess it's stock up time so we can pull some good cards for Chaos.

What are you thoughts on the changes? Should it apply only to those who have only bought a spell book? A certain account value? or depending on how they rank in battles?

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