Gearing Up To Buy My First Chaos Pack

I put $200 into buy packs a few months back before we even knew about Chaos packs. I simply loved the game when I watched it a few times on twitch via Splinterlands channel at: and a number of other streamers. I have a feeling that it could really take off and we could see some really epic competition between streamers etc since you can create your own tournaments.


Pretty much all I have picked up as of late are a few credits or potions and I have to say I'm good with the potions. The reason being is I want both fully maxed for when I pick up my first Chaos pack!

Lucky for me I've been stacking everything I've earned in the game. I even put some post rewards towards leveling up the deck so a big THANK YOU to those who support the posts and allow me to do that I appreciate it! The SPS all got stacked as well and this weekend we should be locking in my first ever chaos pack with my voucher which I'm pumped about. In total I might get 3 vouchers by the end of all of this lol but at least it's something. I might sell off the other two and use the profits to buy packs at $4 after prelaunch we will have to see.

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