A New Chapter In Splinterlands Giveaways!

Splinterlands Giveaway

I decided I wanted to start doing some giveaways in Splinterlands just to help the community grow and put my gaming accounts such as Twitter and Instagram that I built in prior years by doing giveaways with other content creators. It seems like the perfect fit.

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A little background

I love gaming! and because of that I watched Twitch a lot. I even streamed a little myself at one time and might jump into it again depending on sponsors and if it's worth the time involved. However because of that I started up a business a few years ago which combined giveaways with Marketing. Most of those campaigns just don't perform as they once did 3 years ago and because of that I rarely if ever do them anymore. However I wanted to test the waters and see how much response a giveaway for my favorite game Splinterlands would do.

My Socials / Reach
Twitter > https://twitter.com/Valor2S With over 61k followers
Instagram > https://www.instagram.com/valortwos/ 18k followers
Email list > 21,300 active subscribers which I've been hitting up with other giveaways.

This list and followers are all geared towards the gaming and live streaming industry. It's a combination of nearly two years or work

to work in helping promote not only Splinterlands but also Hive and Splintertalk!

The goal with this all is to grow a new following of those interested in play2earn type games and from that promote articles and other aspects to grow income in the crypto field while growing

The Giveaway


So what is the giveaway and how do you take part?
It's easy and fully tracked.

Visit: https://valor2s.com/sp and claim your entries. Some are daily entries for some extra points each day so be sure to save the page and come back. If all goes well I'll continue to do these giveaways and start bumping up the prize values as sponsors and others get involved. For right now any profits made from the game will be put back into buying cards for the giveaway.

A total of 6 winners will be picked. 5 winning a normal foil NFT card for the Splinterlands game and one lucky person getting a gold foil Splinterlands NFT game card!

Good Luck!

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