My Favourite Four Tokens Of Splinterlands Game...!

Good afternoon to all members on Splinterlands Community.

I would like to share you about my favorite tokens from Splinterlands Game.

There are four tokens of my favourite from Splinterlands Game.

They are
(1)Splintershards - SPS
(2)Splinterlands - SPT
(3)Dark Energy Crystals-DEC
(4)Splinterlands Voucher- VOUCHER

(1)Splintershards - SPS Token...!

I went to website page and I checked my SPS Token balances.I staked already 69 SPS token on my wallet of splinterlands game.I got some SPS tokens from SPS staking.So I claimed it.
And then I wanted to stake SPS tokens.
So I staked 25 SPS Tokens this time.

Now I staked totally 94 SPS Tokens in there.
I will get more staking rewards from Splinterlands game.

(2)Splinterlands - SPT Token...!

I went to market.I checked my Hive Engine Token rewards and Token prices on there.

I had already delegated 11000 SPT Token to @monster-curator.
I got 3820 SPT Token delegation rewards from Splinterlands.
SPT Token price is a good condition last one year ago.But the price is not so good at now.

(3)Dark Energy Crystals-DEC Token...!

Dark Energy Crystals-DEC Token is a good token of Splinterlands game.

I did not buty DEC token yet.But I got a small amount on my Hive Engine wallet.I got it by using and staking of PGM Token.

(4)Splinterlands Voucher-VOUCHER Token...!

VOUCHER Token price is a good last one or two years ago.
I got some VOUCHER Token from my SPS Token staking.
Now I had 2 VOUCHER Token on my Splinterlands wallet.

I like so much these tokens from Splinterlands Game.

I got a small SPS Token from staking and SPT Token rewards from delegation daily.

I wanted to create a big Hive Engine Wallet.So I am collecting, staking and delegating for Hive Engine Tokens.
Trying to get my target!

Have a nice and great day!

Good Luck...,

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