Extremely Huge speed difference. Did i won?

Hello everyone, I'm back after a very long time with an amazing and awesome battle in splinterlands.
I hope everyone is doing good and keeping your family safe.

Today's battle post is about a very long and intense battle where the fight was too close and jaw dropping with formidable enemy team . It's a battle in champions league.
The link to the battle will be posted in last to make the fight interesting.

Like all my battle posts, I'll first start with venue that is battle conditions. First one is spreading fury where all monsters obtain the ability of enrage. This ability grants all monsters increased almost double melee attack and speed upon loosing health whether after getting hit or poisoned or earthquaked. Second one is taking sides means neutral monsters can't be used in the battle. Only splinter based monsters are allowed to enter. Battle has a mana base of 30.

Now let's look at the enemy team.

The team is lead by maxed level legendary dragon summoner byzantine kitty of untamed legion which is most hyped right now and extremely overpowered who posseses three mind-blowing abilities, gives all team monsters with two extra speed, a true strike ability which never miss and tank heal to protect the tank.

On first position enemy put maxed level serpentine soldier, rare alpha/beta monster with shield, dodge and thorns ability which provides reduced damage from melee or range attacks, 25% chance to dodge melee or range attacks and dealing two damage to melee attacker who successfully hit him with following stats, 7 health points 1 armor 6 speed and 3 melee attack.
Second position is occupied by fineas rage max level, rare reward card of untamed legion with reach, retaliate and oppress ability which allows it to attack from second position and deals double damage to no weapon monsters that is having no any kind of attack type and a 50% chance of attacking back the melee attacker on hit. Has 4 melee attack, 6 speed and 11 health points.
On next position we have max level flame monkey , common reward card of untamed legion with swiftness and repair abilities which grants all monsters in allied team one speed bonus and repair 2 armor at maximum for the most damaged armor monster in team. Has 1 melee attack with 5 speed and 3 health just for 1 mana.
On next position, we have max level goblin shaman a common alpha/beta card with slow and weaken abilities which reduces one speed and one health of all enemy team . Has 1 magic attack, 4 speed and 6 health points.
Next monster (second last) is rare reward card of untamed legion, flame imp with flying and swiftness abilities . Has 2 magic attack, 5 speed and 4 hp.
As you can already see that enemy is totally after huge speed bonus as well as reducing my speed as well which combined with spreading fury battle condition will grant extreme speeds for it's team making it almost untouchable.
On last position , enemy used maxed level spark pixies , rare untamed legion card with flying, stun and dodge abilities . Has 7 speed 3 range attack and 3 health points. Almost a certain miss for my assassins.

Time to introduce my team.

My team captain is max level rare alpha/beta life splinter summoner tyrus paladium which provides one armor for all of my team.

On first position I placed awesome tank max level shieldbearer, rare untamed card with 4 melee attack, 2 speed, 6 armor and 10 hp with taunt ability which forces all enemy monsters to hit it first saving other monsters from getting hit and shield ability to reduce melee and range attack damage by half and life saving return fire ability which reflects back half ranged damage attacks back to attacker.
On second position I placed max level Silvershield assassin, rare reward card of untamed legion with double strike, sneak and poison ability where it attacks twice the last monster of enemy team with a 50% chance of inflicting poison which reduces two health of that enemy monster each round. Has 3 melee attack, 4 speed, 2 armor and 6 health points. Effective in killing back row.
Next to it I placed max level feral spirit, a common alpha/beta card with sneak. Has 4 magic attacks with 6 speed and 5 hp.
Next monster is max level stitch leech, common card of chaos legion with sneak and life leech ability where it increases it's max level by half of the damage dealt to the enemy monster health. Has 4 melee attack, 3 speed and 4 health points.
On second last position, I used max level Angel of light, legendary alpha/beta card with resurrect, tank heal and inspire abilities where it resurrects back first dead monster of ally team, heals the first position monster and increases one melee attack for all allied monsters. Has 1 speed and 8 hp.
Last position is occupied by level 3 Silvershield bard, rare promo card with cleanse ability where it removes all ill effects from the first position monster.

After we know both teams, let's fight / rumble.

Since enemy had extremely high speed monsters along with dodge and flying and getting enraged making them absolutely untouchable. It was thousands of misses in the game by my monsters but I got some crucial hits. One by one all of the enemy monsters faded. Spark pixies died of it's own attack by return fire. My Silvershield assassin was able to hit flame imp once after many misses and inflicted poison to kill it. It also helped in killing other monsters with poison one by one before getting enraged which made me win the battle in the end while my tank shieldbearer blocked all their assaults.

Do you have such battles where this much amount of huge speed difference occurred between your team and enemy team and you still come out victorious. share in comments.
I hope you enjoyed watching the battle.
Let's put the battle link so that you can see the battle with fun.


That's it for today's post, will keep sharing with you interesting battles. Thanks for reading my post. Meanwhile I have also posted some battles in effectiveness and guides and strategies and also covering chaos legion cards recommendations in separate sections. You can also watch out my previous battle posts which are exciting. Check it if you are interested by scrolling through my all my posts.
See you in the next post. Till then keep yourself safe and have fun with splinterlands.
PS: all the screenshots are captured and edited from splinterlands mobile website.

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