Top Splinterlands daily giveaway! #8, win Cards & DEC

Hello everyone, we continue with our sweepstakes improving every day our cover until it is professional. We are using elements from the Splinterlands game, after all our giveaway is about this spectacular crypto game. Have you all updated on the new Splinterlands Tower Defense game mode and the Riftwatchers presale? Exciting changes are coming!

A few words about LOLZ and PGM tokens. My goal is to keep these tokens and therefore support these small Hive-engine projects that are in constant development. There will be a monthly reward, not yet decided, and among all those who sent these effective tips, there will be a winner. I will also find a method to make this draw absolutely transparent, as it will be a special prize and I think it is necessary that there is a condition of total equality between all participants. It will be another way to thank those who support this project that has just started.

Now let's go with the prize distribution of giveaway number 7, congratulations to all of you to whom Fortune has smiled, otherwise don't worry, we will all win here!

Level 1 Naga Assassin

10 DEC

Extra Rewards (3% publication beneficiaries )

💯 Max. 100% vote value: @criptosectadepit
🔝Max. vote value: @eturnerx
🤣Random !LOLZ tip: @vagabond42069


  1. Temporality: the raffle will take place every 24 hours.
  2. You will only have to enter your Splinterlands account name, include @.
  3. Bots are not allowed.
  4. Each day a Splinterlands NFT and a quantity of DEC will be raffled. The level of the card and the amount of DEC is determined by the challenge table. These two prizes could be won by the same person.
  5. To win this prize it will not be necessary to vote, reblog, send tip tokens, and it will not influence the result, although I will greatly appreciate if you decide to do so, plus you can win extra rewards, described below.
  6. I will use Hive Tools ( ) to select the winner.

Today's prize


If the post gets:

  • less than 2 HIVE, the card will be of level 1, and 10 DEC
  • more than 2 HIVE, the card will be of level 2, and 25 DEC
  • more than 4 HIVE, the card will be of level 3, and 50 DEC
  • more than 6 HIVE, the card will be of level 4, and 100 DEC
  • more than 10 HIVE, the card will be a golden one, and 250 DEC
  • more than 20 HIVE, the card will be exchanged for a legendary card of CHAOS LEGION, and 500 DEC
  • more than 100 HIVE, the card will be exchanged for 4 CHAOS LEGION packs, and 1000 DEC
  • more than 200 HIVE, the card will be exchanged for a golden legendary CHAOS LEGION card and 2500 DEC

Extra rewards:

I love to support those who support me and we will do our best to make this project sustainable and give better prizes, so if you decide to support TOP GIVEAWAYS PROJECT by voting or sending tips, you should know that there are extra rewards:

  1. If you send tips they will be returned, !PGM and !LOLZ tips will be specially rewarded.

  2. Every day there will be three beneficiaries with 3% of the generated in the next day's raffle post:

  • The person who voted with a higher amount of Hive in the previous draw.
  • The person who has voted with a higher amount of Hive with a 100% vote in the previous draw.
  • One person will be chosen at random with Hive Tools among all those who have effectively sent the !LOLZ tip in the previous draw.

These rewards will never be cumulative in the same raffle, with the objective that there will always be 3 different people receiving 3%. A percentage of the HBD generated in Savings will be distributed, although the exact details and mode of distribution are yet to be determined later this month.

Other considerations

  1. If you want to give any kind of recommendation, improvement, or if you think that in any point this giveaway does not comply with any Hive rule, please write me in the comments and we will study the pertinent changes or improvements. Thank you in advance for your time.
  2. The raffles are subject to change over time, depending on market prices, although the intention is to give more and better prizes.
  3. I will mention with a tag the participants in the next draw. In case you don't want to appear, just let me know in the comments.
  4. Destination of the winnings, although it is something personal I want to share this information with you, you are the ones who are going to participate:
  • 9% of what is generated in the posts, goes directly to beneficiaries.
  • A good part will go to accumulate prizes
  • HBD Savings and Hive Power, I have a determined intention to stay within the Hive ecosystem.

Previous participants: @lordshah, @luizeba, @amaillo, @bitandi, @criptosectadepit, @chaosbug, @barbuchol, @haizelanne, @cactusin, @card0card, @danideuder, @henruc, @relf87, @quoromtv, @angelsands, @circlebubble, @alicia2022, @redco, @redeculous, @summoner-cha, @xrypto202084, @carl05, @bokica80, @lorddiablo, @curitron, @henreat, @hiq.smartbot, @daslothum, @pero821, @memess, @olaf.gui, @waynechuasy, @carl05, @gabrielrr17, @vagabond42069, @simplegame, @yokiworld (37)

Good luck to everyone and make it look shiny!! 🦀💫

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