Social Media Challenge! Theme Card - Tusk The Wide

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Tusk The Wide


Tusk The Wide, is an epic monster hailed from the fire element. It was introduced in the Chaos Legion edition. Tusk The Wide - as the name suggests, provides perfect cushioning to deal with the damage. Wide also possesses two abilities, which I will talk about in a minute, the interesting point to see here is the amount of damage that it can withstand. Though the Tusk seems wide, but it keeps stamina of a boxer in a battle, which can make this monster survive in two or more rounds.

Why Tusk? - I was searching for a monster that hails from a fire element and is a tank at a very reasonable mana cost. Mana cost and health was the parameter for me to select Tusk over others in the same category. I have been looking for a monster that not only withstands but can deal damage in need and help my other friendly monsters. These all thoughts made me finalize Tusk!

Cost-Benefit - At a cost of 6 mana, Tusk is a good option for a tank. Here the level of the monster is 6 as well. At, the 6th level, this monster reaches its peak by unlocking every ability that it hails from the fire element and also hikes its potential in terms of health and damage it can do.

Health and Speed - Since our Tusk is a proven tank, we have to limit our expectations in terms of speed. The Tusk moves at a pace of 1 Unit, fairly I can see that it can be the last one from the deck to attack enemies. Summoners, who can add to health and speed, will be good options to be deployed with Tusk. It has 14 units of health which can last for more than one round.

Attack - Tusk not only holds its position but can shake the enemy monsters as well. It comes with 3 units of Melee Attack. Using the melee attack, it can deal damage and that's why I am placing this monster in the first position in my deck. It can do a decent attack on the enemy tank and will add up to the collective friendly team aggression in a battle.

Abilities - Ability is what makes a monster unique from others. The ability not only adds to the monster but also amplifies other friendly monsters as well. In the case of this monster, Tusk does amplify our friendly monsters and powers them up for the battle.

  1. Inspire - Tusk inspires other friendly monsters in the deck by adding 1 extra melee attack unit to each of the friendly monsters in the deck. As said before, it maximizes the damage that we can do to enemy monsters. This inspiration, unlike the real world, can shorten the lifespan of enemy monsters in battle.
  2. Void - This ability is what makes our tusk stand longer and frustrate the enemy monsters. The void-ability allows our Tusk to remain in good condition even if a magic attack has happened on him. I see that it is a trend to keep extra magic attacks just to get quickly rid of Tank in the first row. This is where Tusk is different as it can withstand by reducing the impact of magic damages that it receives from enemy monsters.

Level-Up Stats

Level 6th is the final rank that Tuck can reach. Although, at level 4th, it unlocks every ability that it can receive from the fire element. Speed remains unchanged throughout all the levels that it can hike, however, attack and health do improve.

Tusk is available and one can buy it right now on spliterlands at a cheap price. It will take 46 Regular BCX cards to max-out Tusk.

46 x $1.05 = $ 48.3

Pretty reasonable price in the market. Go check out here

Final Remarks

Tusk is one of the good tank monsters that comes at a fair mana cost. It can deal damage too and the abilities like void and inspire makes it a go-to option in a mid-mana battle. Ability - Inspire also add ups extra melee attacks to the friendly monsters, thereby it is not only a Wide tank but also delivers when there is a requirement for collective aggression in the battle.

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