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For the past few weeks I have not been very active on Splinterlands because of how busy my life has gotten all of a sudden. I make sure I complete my brawls but I don't fight as many ranked battles as I used to. Last season, I only played about 6 or 7 days for an average of one and a half hours per day. My ECR barely ever went below 60% before I'd run off to do something else. I rent a lot of cards before playing and most times I don't feel like I make the most of them. Heck this season I only earned 40 season chests compared to the 50+ I used to earn.

The only consolation I have for earning less chests is that I earn gold chests while playing in silver. Still, it's hardly an excuse because at some point during the season I advance to gold so I can earn gold chests the following season.

Playing in gold with silver cards used to work very well for me before the Modern & Wild update but it's not so effective in modern. Now I lose most of the time and it really gets discouraging. So to avoid losing total interest in a game I have come to love so much, I have decided that henceforth I would only advance to gold a day or two before a season ends.

I have also decided to quit worrying about the number of chests I can earn in a season. Sure if I earn more chests I can potentially have a greater value of rewards but it's also possible to pull out a lot of value from just a few chests. I've had seasons that I earn a lot of chests but get disappointing pulls and ones that I earn just a few chests and get a lot in value from them. It's really just a luck game. At the end of the day, I really just want to have fun playing.

Speaking of rewards, August has been my laziest month yet but it's my best month in reward values so far. We're just half way into the month and I have earned $20.45 so far;



So although I feel like this is my worst month yet, in reality, it is the best. For this reason I would prefer to just have fun playing Splinterlands in a league I'm comfortable with rather than trying so hard to grind for rewards.


Getting Things Done!

Because I've been super busy lately, I have not been able to really keep an eye on the market to know when card prices drop. Still, I managed to buy a couple of cards this week. Let's check 'em out;

image.pngRADIATED BRUTE5(60)5(60)✅
image.pngSCAVO FIREBOLT4(25)4(25)✅
image.pngMOLTEN ASH GOLEM4(25)4(25)✅

This week I managed to get just fire cards. Apart from Tarsa, I didn't have any levelled up fire cards in my deck so I decided to get some today. I'm closely watching the prices of a couple of cards like Tenyii Striker and Forgotten One, for the best opportunity to buy them.

In my last post, I mentioned that my CP was 30,020. Well after opening a couple of packs and gladius cases, my CP is currently 32,155. I'm just less that 3000 CP away from silver 1 in modern. That's something to be excited about.



When I started playing splinterlands back in May, I really wanted to get a land plot after understanding what it was all about. I bought a land plot before I even got a summoner but I am having second thoughts about it now. Don't get me wrong, I still firmly believe that land will be a very valuable asset in the future but right now I have a higher priority which is Riftwatchers.

From what I've gathered, the presale for Riftwatchers is going to start very soon and to purchase the packs we need SPS and vouchers. If I sell the land plot I have now, I can buy a decent amount of SPS and vouchers for the packs. I can even possibly get the promo card or a really good card that I can sell to buy back the land plot but all that is really just a luck game.

This is a really tough decision for me because I heard that land has gone up to $900 in the past. With the potential for such growth, I don't know if I want to take the gamble and sell it with the hope I'd get really good cards. Oh well, I guess I'll really have to think about this.

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That's All For Today, Warrior!

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