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Hey there Splinterlands warriors! It feels good to finally be able to blog in this community. I have been off Hive and Splinterlands for a couple of weeks because I had to study for exams. I could not even play my brawls and so my fellow guild members had to fill in for me. Well, I'm done with the exams now and I'm back!


Coming back to splinterlands, I expected to see a lot of exciting stuff which is always the case with the game. Sure, there are exciting news but the first thing I learned after weeks away was that splinterlands let go a lot of it's staff. 45% is a huge number but after reading the associated post and getting to understand why the company made the decision, I was convinced that they had done the difficult but right thing.

Ever since I started to play splinterlands, I have always loved the fact that the game kept expanding. There was always something new almost every week but, honestly, it started to become overwhelming. I wanted to be a part of everything from Land to Riftwatchers to Runi and even Tower Defense but, like many other relatively newer players, I could not afford to take part in every big event. At some point, it started to feel like some parts of the game were being neglected despite being prioritized in the roadmap.

Something that I was really hyped about when I started on splinterlands was the Land plots. Once I started playing the game, I knew I wanted to own a plot and after a few weeks, I got one. I understood that land would be very important in the game especially after I had seen the success of similar concepts in other NFT games and so I wanted to be a part of the revolution. I hoped that Land would be a priority but it just seemed like some new hype would pop up from nowhere. Don't get me wrong, it was all very exciting but it was also sad to see land get pushed back so much. Sometimes, I even forget I own a land plot.

With the "restructuring" that is taking place in the Splinterlands company and game, I am really glad to see that the team has decided to take several steps back to focus on the core of the game. I really believe that it makes sense to deliver on past promises first before making new ones. Doing so will not just help to strengthen the foundation of the game, but also build trust with the community.



From the list above, I'm mostly hyped up about Land, Runi, New Player Experience and DEC & Voucher Sinks. I really like that Land holders now receive SPS rewards. I really hope that land gets worked on soon and we can claim the tokens. I'm very excited for that.

I am excited about Runi because I own one of course. I had a Whitelist spot and now I own Runi #1567.


My Runi!

I'm not selling my Runi anytime soon because I know for sure that this project has huge potentials. I don't quite understand all the features of my Runi but I know that it's going to be worth a lot in the future. I hope the team really puts in more effort into this project.

Something I am not quite excited about is Rebellion. I really feel like the team should let Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers to sell out. It takes time for people to build decks and I really want to build decks for these new editions. I really thing Rebellion should be postponed further.

I am very excited to see how they fix the New Player Experience. It's really difficult for new players to cope in this space. I have friends that were interested in this game but were not able to go very far. I really hope something gets done to fix the new player experience.

Final Words

I am glad that Splinterlands has began to prioritize their old promises. I feel like they are on the right track. Things are not perfect but they never are. The good thing is that the future of the game seems brighter now.

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