UNDEAD ARCHER (Splinterlands Art Contest )

Hello Everyone. For this week's contest, I decide to create a fan art with the skull/ skeleton theme. It has been a while since I made a skull themed piece and felt this was a perfect time to make an art in that line and more importantly a way to also try out the use of the air brush and marker tools. The Undead Archers of the Death Splinter well known for their great skills at archery. What is intriguing about them however is what they do when they've used all their arrrows in the battle field. They begin dismembering and breaking of the bones on their body and shoot them instead. This is quite a show of valor and it shows how determined they are to conquer in the battlefield and that made them quite appealing to me.
I created this fan art on the autodesk sketchbook app using the airbrush and marker tools for the painting and the ink tool for the sketch. I hope you love it.


First I made the sketch on a red background. Just an undead Archer and his accessories here.

Then I began painting with the airbrush. I painted the underlayer of the cloak here.

Painted the skull in the cloak and also began adding details to the skull and other areas of his body. I also exposed his ribs to make him look more "undead"..lol

I adjusted the theme colour from yellow to purple and pink because it looked more appealing to me that way.

Some final touches and we're done.

Thank you so much for checking it out.

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