Soulbound: Will they change the existing META Strategies?

Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. The recent Splinterlands card market is booming and my card values are increasing every day which is a great thing even in the dumping of BTC price recently. And in the current situation, the new soulbound cards are airing up to the fire as now these cards are not transferable and cannot be sold or rented. And also these cards have some amazing abilities with the capability of changing the meta and the existing gameplay strategies.

So the usefulness of these cards is really important and everyone should be careful and learn about the new abilities and their impacts on the game. Mainly three new abilities are introduced in the soulbound cards with one for the summoner's ability called the 'CONSCIPT' for using an extra Gladiator in the PVP battle which is possible with the normal summoner except in the brawl battles. And there are some powerful beasts in the Gladiators that can change the overall match!

The other two abilities are for the monsters and I like the 'MARTYR' ability which allows the adjacent monsters to increase all stats when the martyr ability monster dies. Which is the same as the bloodlust ability with the ability in real for the adjacent monsters. And the 'WEAPONS TRAINING' will allow this monster to provide half of its attack stuff when it has no-attack adjacent monsters which is really a game-changing ability to make your non-attack Tanks turn into beasts.

The usefulness of these amazing cards is beyond question as they can make your deck stronger. The more options free of cost is a great thing in Splinterlands now. Without playing no one can grab these beautiful and powerful cards. These cards can be change your thought on them for the following reason-

  • To increase my CP as much as possible for stronger decks for entering the higher league.

  • Many summoners can be received to freely max out the level which is the easiest way to move forward!

  • It is possible to delegate more cards to your alt accounts to increase the win rate.

  • Newer accounts can get more summoners to evolve.

  • These soulbound reward cards can be a great source to do better in the BRAWLs

  • Can be used as an alternative to many cards needed to rent.

  • Much more options without the starter cards

  • It is possible to upgrade to a higher level freely

  • It will enhance your renting opportunity every day for passive earning

  • To meet up the CP requirement

  • In Land Expansion, these rewards cards can generate more profit which is also of great importance for these soulbond cards!

Legendary cards

All the legendary cards from the soulbound edition are more powerful and can play more powerful roles in the battle which is a great thing for the players who get them earlier. The dominating nature of these legendary will definitely make changes in the existing strategies. Some of the great legendaries in my opinion are as below-

  • The 'SORRIEL THE BALE' with 3 MAGIC attacks with the 'DOUBLESTRIKE' ability is a great card from the FIRE team!

  • The 'AVA THE UNDAUNTED' with some amazing ability like 'WEAPONS TRAINING', and 'CLOSE RANGE' is an awesome card from the EARTH TEAM!

  • Also the DRAGON and the NEUTRAL legendary seems very attractive though all of them are for HIGH MANA matches but they are really very very useful cards.

Epic cards

All the epic cards in the soulbound sets are non-attacking monsters with tons of abilities that can work like a great support to your summoner. Also, these cards can be an attacking monster with the use of the other monsters with the 'WEAPONS TRAINING'. So, these cards are also very important cards for the battle often as a primary TANK with low MANA but a lot of HEALTHs.

  • The best epic for me is the 'KRA'AR XOC' from the DRAGON team which is a 1 MAN card with 5 health and with the 'REDEMPTION' ability!

Rare cards

Half of the reward cards from the soulbound edition are the summoners with the amazing 'CONSCRIPT' ability which will allow using an extra GLADIATOR in the battle which is a great implementation of unique GAMEPLAY! Though the MANA cost is higher than the ability it provides for MEDIUM and HIGH MANA matches these summoners will rule one day.

Also, the RARE monsters have some amazing ability and use cases in the battle. Some of my favorite monsters are -

  • RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN with the BLAST ability and MAGIC attacks

  • MADCAP MAGUS with the LIFE LEECH ability

  • RAVENHOOD WARDEN with the PROTECT ability

  • VENARI MARKSRAT with the MARTYR ability

Common cards

The best series of most useful cards are in the COMMON group of the soulbound cards and each of them will make you stronger. I have seen the abilities of these amazing monsters and it will definitely amaze you as each of them is very necessary and many of them will definitely replace the existing cards which are often a little bit more expensive!

  • One of my feeling about the commons is that there is no card with the HALVING ability which I really miss as I have no card with that ability and often I miss that as that card is also expensive to upgrade for new players like me!

I hope you like some of these useful card stats for making your decks stronger freely. And if you have any kinds of queries, you can ask me in the comments. I will try to answer at my level best.

Thanks a lot for your time and attention, I will catch you at the next one.
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