Is it too early to give a FAILURE title to Splinterlands?


Recently many of the dwellers in the crypto sphere started talking about the failure of Splinterlands with some data and analysis. But most of their discussion is lacking the bitter reality of the crypto winter! Their discussions are lacking consideration of this crypto winter. For example, I bought my first SPS token at a price of $0.4 and then at $0.55 but later I sold them at $0.1 to gather some more assets and still I have very few SPS, and every day the amount is increasing for the rewards for playing the game. Besides this deal, I have bought a single BCX DJINN OSHANNUS at the price of $30 bucks which is only around $2.5 bucks now! After all of my devastating deals, my continuous playing and continuous reinvesting and adding some tiny amount in the game has made my total deck almost at the break-even point. That means all of my earnings has been vanished due to my previous worst deals compare to the current market condition. So, why do I have to mention these? To invalidate the claim that Splinterlands is not expanding and the claim no new money is coming into the ecosystem.

Actually, many old players are leaving the space or selling out their cards, and thus the market is going down but the most amazing fact is that the overall economy of the game is still very stable after the previous hyped. For the last 6 months of data that I got from the peakmonsters portal seems almost constant in respective market cap and prices which I will cover later.

If no new players are pouring money into the game, then how the economy is still in stable condition when a bunch of whales is trying to leave space?

The new money is compensating for the crashing market which is very necessary for this running crypto winter. Crypto bear season is the ultimate litmus test for any project that is capable of surviving in the long run!

Though the recent number of active players has decreased since the new rewards mechanism was applied to protect from the bots, the overall numbers are now constant for the last couple of months.


The following figure shows how the total crypto market cap has crashed since April 2022, it dropped to less than 1 trillion from more than 2 trillion USD of market cap. But there is no such crash in SPS price or in Splinterlands assets except for some abnormalities.

Especially, when the announce come with the replacement of DEC with SPS will make the SPS price into the ground but there was no such occurrence with the SPS price and nowadays it is becoming more strong while the major currencies are struggling and bleeding a lot!


The onchain hive data also shows the increasing activity n Splinterlands which is a positive sign for the stable operation of the project.


Why the price is at this bleeding level?

The mostly concern of among the players and new players and even old players is the dumped price of SPS from almost one buck to only $0.07 which is indeed a great disaster but the situation is not worsening more in this bear season with so much inflation occurring to the Splinterlands economy!

It is the time for showing sustainability against the bear market not growing against the whole crypto space! The absorbing inflation is fair enough to be a strong project now. Splinterlands has been successfully overcoming such struggles in the current market situation with the fear of global recession and economic collapse worldwide, even in Great Britain and Europe to the Asian countries!


Why such fears are spreading the sphere:

The transaction recently falls a little bit more and the number of active players are decreasing for the last couple of months! The battle numbers is also decreased which is not alarming at all as the cards market cap and SPS market cap has not been changed. The sign-ups of the new players are also remaining constant with the number of buying of the spells is also constant.
Most importantly some of the recent announcement has not changed the current market situation at all, though there is a little bit surge in the cards market but the new Riftwatchers creates another inflation in cards and price are plummeting again!

But the situation will not be so long but there is some talking about the burning of CL packs which is not a solution but a bad thing for the new players who must buy packs and letting them buy is the stable way according to my concern.





Inflation of CARDS vs SPS token

The critical question is the inflation is not stable but increasing in many ways such as

  • New card sets

  • Tower defence

  • New projects

  • Node license

These are the assets which has accumulated a lot of funds from the core cards market and the SPS market cap which is a critical point in recent discussion. It is true that most of the players are reinvesting their Splinterlands assets into these new assets sectors which is critically damaging the core Splinterlands game economy.

But in the long run the situation is going to change as soon as the crypto winter disappers. There should be some compensating steps by the Splinterlands team so that the Splinterlands can sustain the immense prsessure from the crypto winter and from the more assets diversification rather than attracting more new players and more contracts with other sectors and finally more strategic marketting.





The gaming industry is so big and if a little portion is pulled into the NFT-based blockchain games, then the Splinterlands will be a leading one. But there is some limitation of the different procedures from signing up to wallet security which should be more easier for the new players.**

  • One of the major drawbacks is the mobile app functionality of Splinterlands is very limited which should be revolutionized with the topmost priority.

  • Their marketing strategy is still not up to the mark as I have never seen some ads on many social networking sites in my daily use while I use to search and read crypto-related portals and videos on youtube.

  • And finally, the graphical presentation of the game can be improved for attracting new players.

Thank you for reading my post, what do you think about my thoughts let me know in the comments.
Have a nice day!

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


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All the images are prepared by me from the peakmonsters, daapradars, coinmarketcap resources.


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