Converting bots into players is the only way!

Hello, the beautiful people of Splinterverse. Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the game every day. The recent Splinterlands card market is booming and my card values are increasing every day which is a great thing even in the dumping of BTC price recently. And in the current situation, the new soulbound cards are airing up to the fire as now these cards are not transferable and cannot be sold or rented. And also these cards have some amazing abilities with the capability of changing the meta and the existing gameplay strategies. But with all these fascinating factors they can trigger some unwanted explosion of mega bot farming which is already a huge concern for the existing real players and a big portion of the rewards are just being stolen by these bots. And now a big portion of soulbound cards are being hijacked by these bot farmers effectively. And the situation can be even worse in many cases when a batch of bots will have enough soulbound cards to do better in the league battles and only with soulbound cards they will take away more rewards as there are no rewarding differences between the soulbound cards and the other cards.

In this post, I am going to present my thoughts on this issue and my thoughts on fixing the issues by such a process to make the game more player-friendly but crucial for the bots. I have read some clues as a possible solution with the KYC (Know Your Customer) which will be a burden for the game. I want to discuss the specific problems that can be solved and the underlying issues for the company to solve. I want to make clear that I am not a professional analyst as I am not paid for such thoughts and I am only sharing my thoughts for educational purposes as I love the game and I want further development of the game. There are several issues that can be considered but here I am going to talk about a specific issue and later I will discuss about the possible solution to make the bots into players instead of banning them.

There is no price appreciation in the existing Splinterlands model!

In my concern, this is the most underrated issue with the Splinterlands and not only in this game but in the case of most blockchain games. And so, we have seen the collapse of all the games and there is no attraction increment from the new players to enter the game. Without a proper and solid price appreciation model the crypto turbulence can be very devastating for the sustainable growth of the game. I am looking for a solution for the following issues in this regard-

  • There should be some model that will make the asset holding period longer and longer to increase the asset price. For example, you are holding your asset tightly and playing and one short-term trader just come and rent and took the reward, and went away which makes no sense to make the game user-friendly while there is no permanent ranking for rewarding the old, loyal, and constantly active players. Until you pay for the experience more it is impossible to fix and fun is completely absent big money can earn big money while your loyalty will give you a complete 0 reward! So, a permanent ranking system for rewarding players is very necessary!

  • There is no price appreciation for the holding period of the game assets, especially for the cards, if it can be offered many players will buy cards instead of renting for a short time. Also, the monsters must be gained some experience throughout their use in the battle winning with attached to the fixed player which can be rewarded for making the players hold their cards for a long long time and buying more cards from the market!
    What does it mean? For example, I have a card that I am using in many battles and for every win, my card will gain an experience or use points against my IGN which will increase until I sell that card or rent or delegate or do any transfer which will end the facility and reset the experienced which could be an interesting way of making the holding period of the cards into rewarding factors which can be done like the similar way as the focus points are calculated like the Alpha, Beta or Gold cards and so one!

  • Inspire the players to hold the assets and not to trade frequently for easy exit and entry through the trading value of assets important if fewer assets can generate a bigger trading volume that can be an awesome thing!

Converting bots into players

That is the most strategic way to solve both problems and make the soulbound cards safer. Otherwise, bot farming will be more severe. As I can say from the gold league I have gathered 4 summoners with level two and 1 summoner with GF level 3 and tons of supporting cards for effectively playing the Silver league without buying any summoners. And I can transfer all of my cards to do the same thing for another account and which is happening among players also to grab rewards from the chests, brawls, and in every possible way!

I believe that the total reward by holding assets is completely depending on the market situation in the existing model and there is nothing related to the duration. For several cryptos, you can earn with lending or with staking by utilizing the proof of stake coins. But for the NFT games, you have no option to reward you to hold your assets for a long time, and also there should be some ways to reward those players who are playing on a regular basis and who are the backbone of the gaming community. But unfortunately, Splinterlands has also the same model and also there is no effective way to solve bot farming problems. But with the holding period appreciation both problems can be solved in an effective way to a great portion by cutting the bot's rewards and rewarding more to the regular players.

The question is how?

  • Every NFT minted has a number and the complete transaction history, and those can be tracked anytime. Though I am not a blockchain of NFT expert I can express my concept as a potential solution and the decision always depends on the founder on the game developer team. The rewards from every aspect in the game should be related to the assets holding period of that player. I think it is very difficult to fix everything at once but there is will there is a way.

  • The battle rewards should be increased every season who use their holding cards season after season but who rent at the end of the season their rewards should be cut to a minimum level. In this way, the number of players with longer holding periods will increase for better rewards.

  • Resetting the card's intrinsic rewarding capability is necessary to make the system solid and the resetting to the 0 holding period will be activated after the following occurrences,

  1. All the cards should be set to zero days/season/months when the rewards is revised for the first time
  2. When the card is transferred to another account
  3. The card is delegated to another account
  4. Card is sent to the rental market
  5. The card is Listed for sell

These will significantly affect the bot's farming and the price of the cards will increase a lot if the incentives are enough for the holding period appreciation. There can be some applications of exponential criteria who are playing a lot and holding the cards for the year around. And it will make the player never sell their cards! And for the bots farming their rewards will die soon when real players will hold their assets and play more times with their own cards. And if the bot farmers want to improve they have to buy more cards and hold for a long time to get higher rewards.

I hope you find some of these thoughts useful to consider. And if you have any kinds of queries, you can ask me in the comments. I will try to answer at my level best. Thanks a lot for your time and attention, I will catch you at the next one.
Have a great day!

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Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

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