Splinterlands SPS Token Launch and Updates

Okay, sorry guys I really need to get over this cold. I tried not to cough on the mic but wanted to get back to making a video. This one goes over the SPS token coming out. Shows the rules for the airdrop of the token and talks about how much you might get from this. I show you my balance and how many tokens I should get. It is pretty amazing to see the game growing as much as it has. The player base is growing a lot at the market cap of the cards is reaching all-time highs. If you stick with this one thanks and make sure to check if you won the DEC. Make a comment about the game or the video on the Hive post to get in the giveaway. Sorry no 3speak video this time site is down and I need to set up the app on my computer still.

Join Us in The Splinterlands
If you buy your spellbook let me know I will give you some DEC if you use my link.

Make sure to leave a comment on the Hive post below if you want a shot to be the next 1000 DEC winner. It just has to have some feedback about what is in the video. The winner of the last post is @sagesigma congrats

SPS Post

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