Splinterlands Rewards Share Time with some Game Talk


We got our first look at some of the rewards cost and they are high-cost big monsters. They all look super powerful but in this video, besides going over that I recap the AMA and go over all the new Abilities coming to the game. Some of them are very strong. I got over all the ones we have seen so take a few minutes to watch. Also, you can win 1000 Dec for a comment about what you saw.

Sorry about a few mic issues. I have to remember not to turn my head. I do have a new mic I am going to test tonight and if it is good I will make a new video with it to see what you all think.

Oh ya congrats to the winner from this Post

2021-09-10 19_25_24-Window.png
2021-09-10 19_26_34-Window.png

Enjoy the extra DEC @cryptoph0823

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