Splinterlands Rewards Share Time with some Game Talk


Okay, I forgot to spin the wheel live but you can see who won on the hive post. It was @ysf21 see below proof of funds sent. The dragons are strong. They are kings of high mana and low mana. They use dragon cards in high mana to rule and make low-cost cards on other teams stronger to make them win. I show both those kinds of battles at the end in the battle reviews. This is a longer video so make sure you are ready or watch it in parts. Sorry but new player guides need to give you a lot of information.

2021-08-24 22_06_46-Window.png
2021-08-24 22_39_26-Window.png

I hope it helps you out and makes sure you comment on this one as one again you can win some DEC. I am done going over the teams but I will do one video covering the neutral cards. After that what do you want to see more of? Hope you enjoy the video.

You can always tell me what I got wrong. Or what you agree with or anything else that will help me make my videos better. Thanks for watching.

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