Splinterlands New Player Guide Earth Team

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It is always fun to play the Earth team. They are one of the strongest teams for sure. Last stand and healing are just very strong. Add in the Lama and stuff gets crazy sometimes. I don't even have a Prince card yet I still get a lot of easy wins with this team. I know that a lot of you see those strong teams and go damn it. So I help this shows you the cards that help you make a good earth team. I also have some live battles in there to watch to see the cards in action.

Let me know what I can do better. You will be entered to win 1000 DEC for a comment about the video in any way. The last post winner was @clashwitherds congrats. I hope that helps you out a little. The game has been growing so much. I am glad that we are starting to see the servers let us play more. I can't wait for the land to start.

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