Splinterlands New Player Guide Death Team


One thing I forgot to talk about is that the death team is has a lot of stunners. Stuns can win you a match as I show you one of my battles. They have fast attackers with a stun and a late but they cost higher mana and some have low life so it is risky to play them. Other than that I hope you enjoy my thoughts on the Death team. The next video will be on the dragons. If it wasn't clear the death team is about control. Either lower their melee or magic or ranged damage and prep your team to counter that. This is why they win big or lose. If your counter set up is right you win if not well you lose.

00:03 Intro
01:45 Summoners Review
06:20 Monsters Review
18:40 Battle Examples
25:35 Wrap Up

I put this up yesterday on Youtube but got busy and forgot to post it here. There are a few days left to enter the giveaway on the last post. Also, I will be doing Dragons next and then Neutral cards but after that what content do you want me to share?

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