Splinterlands Battle Examples and DEC Giveaway

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I thought it might be fun to change it up this week and do a video. Let me know if you like this. I show you how to win some fights. I will show the winner of the DEC from the last post then ask you to do something in the video to have the shot to win the 1000 DEC in this video. To get into the giveaway you do have a post on the Hive post so I will link that on the Youtube video. I will take some feedback on this idea it is more work than some other post I have done and more work for you to win. So maybe I will up the prize. This really a test to see if you guys want to see how I am winning battles. Another idea is to show you some from the tournaments.

I will give away at least 1000 DEC to the winner of this giveaway.

My Referal link if you want to play: https://splinterlands.com?ref=stever82
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Congrats to @thegcc you won the DEC in case you don't watch it.

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Congrats to @thegcc you won the DEC in case you don't watch it.

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