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Hey Splinters!

As I said once before, Splinterlands is not just a game. Not anymore. We are now moving toward the point where it becomes a world. A Splinterlands world in which battles are only part of the world. Not the smallest, very important, but far from paramount when you consider the time spent in combat.

Every day we can play about 30 battles, which is about 1 hour per day. It's not much, if that's where we could end up. But once every 4 days we also have guild battles, which also need to prepare for and play. Let's take that to the gameplay itself, too.

When we decide to fully live in this world, several more doors open before us one by one. These are the ones I want to talk about today. Any world is interesting when viewed under a microscope. Splinterlands is no exception.

The Market

Every world has a market. Splinterlands has a huge market for monsters, resources, "slaves," and more. What's not to be found here. There are weaponless monsters trying to cajole mages for a spell (and judging by the updates, they'll soon succeed). There's Water negotiating with neutrals against Earth, and Death conspiring with dragons against Life.

Complaints against the creators about SPS inflation alternate with elation by the affluent about the DEC's pegging to a stable foreign dollar. There are legends that in the last century one could get a fortune or a monster of unprecedented value from the chests found on the battlefield. Everyone is waiting for the old days. They prepare their detachments, stock up on resources, and sacrifice their best sons so that the creators will send holy bulls to these lands.

Meanwhile, the lands are already divided. Soon these plots, with all their goodness, will be in the hands of certain people who look at this world through their windows-mechanisms. Strange creatures, you never know what to expect from them...

The marketplace is the busiest part of the Splinterlands world. Knowing how players will behave in the next update, you can get a nice profit. Many of the old-timers are doing just that. And do it successfully! Knowing the figures of trading or technical analysis is not really necessary. It's more important to be in the game and feel this monster world.

The market and the biggest piece of this world, judging by the time you can spend on it. First, you can trade 24/7 and 365 days a year. The volumes are greater than any other Hive asset. So Splinterlands is the biggest chunk of Hive itself essentially...

With savvy and an interest in the future of these lands, you can make money any time of the year. Whether it's a lazy bear or an angry bull...


Guilds, groups, friends, enemies, men, women, bots, lovers of different splinters, playing or just trading. One could go on and on and on. Many come and go. Some sell out, leave, and then come back. This is where the greatest amount of information and written articles are found. If you put these unique words into pages, this book could be used as an endless shield in battles. (hmm, not a bad idea 😜) This is probably the most diverse and interesting part of the Splinterlands world. And where there are people, there's plenty to do...

Some just have fun creating memes or chatting inside the common discord rooms or in the comments under Hive posts. Some write essays on the best abilities, strategies, monsters, or rules of the game. Both get their rewards, which will again go down on new Splinterlands or Hive assets. Which still ends up bringing that stream back sooner or later. That is, if you upvote this post by a cent today, some time later a new VAMPIRE BAT will be flaunting in someone else's deck. Even if it happens in 10 hands, that will pass that penny through tokens, cards, upvotes, and giveaway gifts. Sooner or later, that cent will be used in Splinterlands.

The Splinterlands community is particularly large and productive precisely because of Hive. Sooner or later this community will conquer all times, difficulties and make its own rules for this big game! I believe in this.

Be on the inside, so you don't get left behind and see this rocket take off to the moon.

Adoption and Learning

Perhaps not the most obvious thing, but many players get their first exposure to crypto through Splinterlands. I had my first touch with Hive. A great experience that pays off every day now.

A lot of players coming here to play become pretty good writers as a result. Or bloggers, or video bloggers. Way from a shit post, to a free essay on any topic. From "I can't, I couldn't," to "I wonder why not."

Familiarity with tokens, trading, withdrawing - inputting money. Terms and definitions go into action instantly. After all, everything is at your fingertips. If you don't know, ask. If you don't how - try it. Need information? There's plenty of it here.

Sophisticated crypto couldn't be easier than here. The gameplay approach through entering the Splinterlands world...


This world has long since ceased to be a deck of cards. And this deck of cards has long ceased to be a boring one. When acquiring one of this world's assets today, you never know where it will lead. Only one thing is clear. This ecosystem is already working. We are all bound by the golden chain of Hive and blessed by the Splinterlands gods. And the sooner this understanding comes, the brighter the stars will be in our sky.

The sooner we will be on Mars, bypassing the moon...

That's all for today. Thanks for reading!

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