My Splinterlands Art Contest !! Week 146! My Splinterlands Art Contes Art Character Name -VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner.

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is well.
Today I am presenting to you a Art of a My Splinterlands Art Contest !! Week 146! My Splinterlands Art Contes Art Character Name -VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner.

Today's drawing is a simple art that I did with the help of My Computer, the software that I work with on the computer for drawing. I use AutoCAD design and photoshop software just for drawing lines. Anyone can draw or paintting with these softwares.

1.I use AutoCAD for drawing lines.

2.Use Adobe Photoshop CS5 for drawing coloring.

My Final Art-VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner.


My Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 146!! My Entry Link Anyone can join this contest if they want.


As always I took the picture for the art from the link here VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner. is the original image of my drawing, from which I took it.
Anyone can join this Splinterlands Art Contest if they want.

image source

Drawing Process, General Drawing on Computer:

The final image of my VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner drawing is I am in the process of finishing a simple drawing with the help of computer AutoCAD.


First I draw the image VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner with AutoCAD.


Next, when the drawing line was drawn, I created a PDF to color.


Then I did a JPEG to color the VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner drawing, from there I started drawing.
And after that I start painting I usually select the color with the help of eye drops.

Color process of drawing:

color start.JPG

Then are I do start to the color process of My drawing.VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner.







color finish.JPG

I have many steps about color process and drawing in my Splinterlands Art Contes. But I made it my main goal to make my competition beautiful. I hope everyone will like VALNAMOR (LEGENDARY) Water Summoner. Art and everyone will like the.simple drawing of computer. I hope everyone on this site has a great day too!

My Refer link:

Thank you Everyone

Have a good day everyone


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