Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - September 19th, 2022 - 8PM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • Yabapmatt (Chief Product Officer)
    • Hardpoint (Chief Technology Officer)
    • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Cryptomancer (Lead Developer)
    • NFTy Arcade (Guild & Scholarship Platform)
    • Playground Labs (Kapital DAO)
    • WafflesKitty (DYGYCON)
    • Chris Sabile (Creative)
    • Cornavirus (Support & Knowledge Center)
    • Paultrx (Support)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Main Topics:
    • Special Guests 💥
    • Company Updates 💥
    • Q&A 💥
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 01:30 - Team Introduction
    • 04:30 - NFTy Arcade Intro & Update (Guild & Scholarship Platform)
    • 19:30 - Playground Labs (Kapital DAO)
    • 29:24 - Hardpoint Update (SPL Tower Defense)
    • 40:10 - Yabapmatt Update (Runi)
    • 53:15 - Cryptomancer Update (Brawls)
    • 1:07:30 - WeirdBeard Update (Splinterfest Tournaments)
    • 1:16:15 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 1:27:50 - Chatter Update (Marketing)
    • 1:36:25 - WafflesKitty Update (DYGYCON)
    • 1:41:25 - Chris Sabile Intro (Creative)
    • 1:45:10 - Cornavirus Intro (Support & Knowledge Center)
    • 1:48:40 - Paultrx Intro (Support)
    • 1:53:00 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:58:15 - Q&A
    • 2:21:30 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥

Splinterlands Tower Defense Presale:

  • Splinterlands Tower Defense pre-sale kicks off tomorrow at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 8pm UTC
    • Only 250,000 TD packs will be on sale for presale
    • Every 500 packs bought will guarantee a Promo Hero which will never be released again
    • Each pack costs $5 in DEC/Credits + 1 VOUCHER
    • If you buy over 100 packs in one transaction, you can use additional VOUCHER tokens for bonus packs
      • 100 - 499 packs = 10%
      • 500 - 1999 packs = 15%
      • 2000+ packs = 20%
  • Enhancements made for the Tower Defense Presale (due to RW presale issues)
    • General sale won't be released until next week at the latest
      • So if presale packs sell out, it will not automatically roll into General Sale instantaneously
    • Only 250,000 TD packs will be sold
      • Any purchase over this amount will have the transaction be rejected
  • The SPL team plans on hosting another Tower Defense Presale Countdown
  • Name and logo are to still be revealed
    • Planning on being announced at Splinterfest, along with additional art and concepts planned for the game

Runi (Generative NFT Project):

  • Whitelist sale is planned to start Thursday, September 22nd, 2PM EST
    • There will only be 2000 whitelist spots available
    • Each whitelist spot will cost 100 VOUCHER tokens to claim
      • All VOUCHER tokens used will be burned
    • You will need to have an ETH wallet that you control and can connect too
    • Claiming a whitelist spot reduces the total mint price from $500 in ETH to $250 in ETH
    • Whitelist sale will be hosted in the Shop page on Splinterlands

Runi Promo Card Stats Below

  • The Runi artwork you mint on the Ethereum blockchain can be used as the artwork for the Promo Card used in Splinterlands
  • There will be a FAQ released on how to mint a Runi and stake on the smart contract to be used in Splinterlands
  • Runi will grant access to future generative NFT projects as well, if Runi is a success
  • Other whitelist spots will be given out during AMA's with other communities
    • These whitelist spots won't provide a 50% discount
    • Purpose of giving out additional whitelist spots is to market the Runi project to other communities and get more hands into the project
    • Main goal is to get high visibility on Opensea!
  • Join in on the Runi Whitelist Countdown on Discord!

Brawls (See Eye Candy For UI Teasers!):

  • SPS rewards for Brawls will be claimed the same way as Ranked Battle and License Rewards
  • SPS rewards will be estimated similarly as Merits and Crowns are estimated when viewing Rewards during a Brawl cycle
  • SPS rewards are designed to be an exponential progress rather than a linear
    • Guild upgrades take about a year to reach the highest tier
    • SPS Brawl rewards should be a huge incentive for Guilds to move up tiers and not camp in the lower tiers
  • SPS tier pool allocations will be drafted as a SPS Governance proposal to vote for the final numbers
  • Development for SPS Brawl rewards is almost finished, but rollout is expected for later in October
    • SPS Governance proposal will need to created and voted on
    • Internal QA testing will be required
  • Other upcoming changes to Brawls:
    • Voucher tokens will replace Merits when buying Blood and Power stones
    • Alpha/Beta and Gold Fray distributions


  • The three tournament casters will be Luthien, Bulldog, & Aftersound!
  • Tournament prizes will include 60 PLOTS of Land
    • Top 16 of each tournament will receive at least one PLOT
    • Winner of the Gold league tournament will win 10 PLOTs
      • 2nd place will get 3 PLOTs
      • 3rd place will get 2 PLOTs
  • Each Splinterfest attendee will receive a physical Chaos Legion card pack (See Eye Candy)
    • Each pack will have different rarity of cards, and some may be gold foils!
  • Team is trying to have additional Swap perks for those that show up in a SPL cosplay costume


  • Newest edition of Lore has been posted and explains the backstory of Runi!
  • The Creative team pulled some artwork traits from the Wizard business cards that can be obtained potentially when minting a Runi


  • DYGYCON 11 will be hosted on September 23rd - 25th, 2022
    • RSVP Now!
    • Currently have around 90 booths/sponsors attending
  • Last DYGYCON had the most attendees ever before (around 2000)

Splinterlands TV:


Special Guests

NFTy Arcade:

  • NFTy Arcade is building a platform to make lending/delegating decks easier
    • Platform will allow both the deck owner and the deck player to share rewards
    • Platform will track all the rewards and balances associated with the decks you delegate/lend
    • Allows the reward share to be customized and not just a 50/50 split
  • Platform will also support pre-configured decks to be bought and sold
    • For example, if you want a maxed Gold league Modern deck, you could potentially buy a full deck if it is listed
  • If you are interested in using this platform, submit to be on the Waitlist!
  • NFTy Arcade is one of the sponsors at Splinterfest so if you are attending, feel free to stop by and meet Tyler & Jared!

Playground Labs - Kapital DAO:

  • Kapital DAO Project Overview
    • New solution to enable guilds, large firms/institutions, or people to operate at massive scale within web3 gaming
    • Allows asset owners to delegate their assets out to managers, who then can delegate the assets out to players
      • Owners retain full access to their assets
      • Managers can't gain full access to the assets but they can delegate them out
      • Players can only play with the assets
    • Platform can be used across multiple web3 games, not just specific to Splinterlands or Axie Infinity, for example
  • Kapital DAO is currently live with Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, and Crypto Unicorns
    • Playground Labs team is currently working on integrating Splinterlands onto the platform
    • Their team has partnered with the largest SPL Guild as well (to be announced soon!)


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

Runi Whitelist Sale:

  • You will only be able to buy one whitelist spot at a time
  • Whitelist spots cannot be refunded and will expire over a certain period of time (less than 30 days)
  • Whitelist spots can't be transferable as each whitelist spot will be directly connected to an ETH wallet

Tower Defense:

  • Beta access will be account bound, but the team may look into other ways to support this
  • Team created a Tower Defense Presale Knowledge Article with more information on how the presale will function tomorrow
  • Goal is to have 25 Towers & 25 Spells starting off
    • There will be different rarities for each asset
    • There will be on Hero as well


  • RiftWatchers will be added to the Modern Brawl frays
    • Modern = last two recent core sets + mini sets
      • Untamed (main) + Dice (mini)
      • Chaos Legion (main) + RiftWatchers (mini)

Land Expansion SPS Rewards:

  • A proposal should be coming soon to vote on whether SPS rewards should begin for Land holders



Cryptomancer New Business Card


SPS Brawl Rewards

New Brawl SPS Pool Page

Splinterfest Swag Bag Cards

Runi Artwork Examples

Runi Summoning - Wallpaper

Oshuur - Wallpaper

Usut - Wallpaper - RW Legendary Death Airdrop


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