Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - November 19th, 2021 - 9AM Eastern!


Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder)
    • Yabapmatt (Co-Founder)
    • Hardpoint (VP of Engineering)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • HomesteadHacker (Moderator Lead)
    • Kbux (Developer)
    • Isaria (Content Manager/Director of Music)
  • Main Topics:
    • More Chaos Legion Eye Candy 👀
    • Full Team Updates 💥
    • AMA Summary ⚡️
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:
    • Company Updates -> 2:00- 1:06:00
      • Chaos Legion Update From Matt -> 7:57-15:50
      • HomesteadHacker Introduction -> 16:10-21:49
      • HardPoint's Update (Dev, Support) -> 23:00-42:15
        • Kbux Introduction -> 24:30-26:30
        • SPS Governance Introduction -> 29:26-37:14
      • Nateaguila Eye Candy -> 42:40-1:04:05
      • Isaria Update -> 1:04:10-1:05:50
      • AMA Questions -> 1:06:15-1:59:00


💥 Company Updates 💥

Chaos Legion:

  • Pre-sale is currently at almost 600k packs sold
  • There is not a private sale for Chaos Legion
    • Rather, it is a volume discount for those looking to buy very large amounts
    • These purchases will still need vouchers if they want the bonus packs
    • These purchases also don't have an advantage of buying before anyone else
      • Will need to manually make the purchase once general sale is live within the Shop
    • Basically, they will be worked with one-on-one to make sure their purchase goes successfully

  • Packs can be opened officially on December 8th
    • All Chaos Legion cards can be used in ranked and tournaments
  • Team does not think Chaos Legion general sale will sell out in 24 hours
  • The first few airdrops for the general sale may be adjusted to include anyone who buys within the first 24 hours
    • This is to allow everyone the opportunity to get in on these airdrops
    • Official news on this topic will be posted in the near-future

Dev Updates:

  • Chaos Legion is still highest priority (launches December 8th)
    • Team is still implementing the stats of cards
  • Devs are committed to making the Chaos Legion launch as smooth as possible
    • Trying to anticipate the huge strain on servers and scaling to meet the demand
    • Servers have been in a very stable state for the past couple weeks
  • Devs are also actively working on the enhancing the market
    • Problem: Market items showing as available but actually sold
    • Partial Fix last week: warning of problem in real time
    • New Fix: New update will drive down chances that you are buying something that somebody else has already purchased
  • First version of SPS Governance
    • Will work similar to delegated PoS like on Hive, EOS, WAX, BSC
    • SPS token holders will be able to vote on Validators
    • Validators will run open-sourced software developed by Splinterlands
    • Splinterlands wallets will be transitioned to multisig wallets
      • Validators will be the signatories on these multisig wallets
    • Main change will be in regards to handling treasury funds
      • SPS token holders can submit proposals and vote on them
      • Validators will sign transaction for the proposal
      • Completely autonomous system and gives SPS community full control
    • Goal is to have this implemented by early next year

Support Updates:

  • Tickets are decreasing overall, even though community and game is growing
    • August/September had about 10k tickets per month
    • October had only around 7k tickets
  • Week over week, there were over 3 million new sessions on the Splinterlands site
    • 7.8M unique users -> 10.7M unique users (last week)
    • On track to being more than 10.7M unique users this week

Creative Updates:

  • Team is under pressure with Chaos Legion, but super excited for the launch
  • Chaos Legion is top priority, but other things like land are being worked on in parallel
  • Posted last story of the Tome of Chaos
    • These stories have some sneak peaks into Chaos Legion monsters!

Community Moderation Updates:

  • Welcome HomesteadHacker to the team!
    • Main goal is to provide a safe and secure community for everyone
    • See the updated post on our official Docs site!
  • Once organized, community moderation has some awesome plans:
    • Mini AMA's in Discord
    • Twitter AMA's/Sessions
    • Cooperate with Marketing & Support

Sales & Marketing Updates:

  • Team is working on giant deals with guilds/communities
    • Goal is to try to get as many people into the game as possible
  • Working on a lot of big partnerships as well
    • Stay tuned for the announcements

General Team Updates:

  • Continue to onboard new devs to take issues off of YabapMatt's plate
    • Matt wants to focus more on design and new feature development
    • Just added a couple more developers just last week
  • Reminder, all team members are players in the game as well
    • So when features are created, they are created from a player perspective first
  • Don't miss Dygycon this weekend!
  • Player Feedback
    • Feedback being taken at https://feedback.splinterlands.com/
    • Incorporates player feedback into the game
    • Community can vote on which feedback they like the most
    • Eventually will become a proposal for SPS holders to vote on
  • Team is working on bringing in game updates within the game itself
    • That way all players are exposed, and don't need to be on Discord or Telegram


⚡️ AMA Summary ⚡️

👀 = See Eye Candy!

Chaos Legion 👀:

  • Yabapmatt thinks general sale will last months, Aggroed thinks first week
    • Team is not going to change how the sale is going to go
  • Starter deck will change when the Chaos Legion is launched
    • Will be Untamed, Chaos Legion, Dice, and Untamed/CL Reward Cards
  • Aggroed will put out a post soon about the volume discounts they've been discussing


  • SPS utility is coming
    • Not top priority but still on the team's roadmap
  • Those who stake SPS will continue seeing greater earnings


  • If DEC decreases in price, DEC rewards will decrease as well
    • That is why there will be SPS rewards though as well in the future
  • Spending credits in game gives DEC more value
  • Team is constantly buying DEC every day in order to allow players to buy from the market with credits
    • Sellers receive DEC from sold cards, or rentals, even if bought with credits

In-Game Market:

  • Team is hoping to implement the in-game market for land, titles, totems, vouchers, etc...
  • Goal would be by end of 2021, but not guaranteed


  • Probably will leak into Q2 of 2022
  • After Chaos Legion, land will take the next top priority
  • Team will provide sneak peaks through Q1 of 2022


  • The vouchers given out during the presale and post-presale are the same token
  • Next voucher airdrop will continue on December 8th
    • Will be 66,666.66 vouchers dropped a day for 30 days
    • After the 30 days, voucher drop will be 20k/day indefinitely

Modern/Wild Ranked Formats:

  • Won't be released until January 2022 most likely
  • Collection power will probably align with the two different formats
    • Example: Alpha card's power won't count towards Modern CP

Player Feedback/Suggestions:

  • Any feedback or suggestions should be submitted to https://feedback.splinterlands.com/
  • So if you really want to see a change made, post your suggestion and get people to vote it!

Mobile App:

  • Team would love to enhance the current mobile app
    • Want to make it as effective as a desktop browser
  • Probably won't happen for another 3-6 months

Job Opportunities:



Chaos Legion Cards Preview

- New Ability: Scattershot (targets random enemy) -

New Wallpaper



Recent Updates

11-18-2021 Release Notes

  • Many behind-the-scenes small fixes to enhance the security of the game (you’ll be seeing this a lot)
  • Small scaling fix. We added a button on the profile to retrieve your Leaderboard position, this should return to being more visible in the future once we have a better scaling solution in place
  • Battle speed will be remembered from battle to battle from the same browser. (Community Feedback #5)

Chaos Legion Updates

  • Chaos Legion launch is December 8th
  • December 8th is when the first phase of the public sale will begin as well
    • 2M vouchers will be sold in the shop, still need vouchers to buy
    • Voucher airdrop will start again on this day and airdrop twice the amount of vouchers
    • The general sale won't start until all 2M packs are sold out


Past AMA Summaries

  • Friday, November 5th, 2021
    • Company Updates (Dev, Support & Marketing)💥
    • EYE CANDY (Chaos Legion Preview) 👀
    • AMA Questions & Answers ⚡️


Next AMA - To Be Determined Due To Holidays

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