Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - March 23rd, 2022 - 1PM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder)
    • Yabapmatt (Chief Product Officer)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Breeze (Technical Writer)
    • Kamelot (QA Engineer)
    • Mancio92 (Developer)
  • Main Topics:
    • Development Updates 💥
    • Land & SPS Updates ⚡️
    • New Legendary Life Summoner Concept Art 👀
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 01:30 - General Intro
    • 04:05 - Yabapmatt Updates (Development)
    • 28:15 - Nateaguila Updates (Creative)
    • 43:35 - WeirdBeard Updates (Tournaments/ESports)
    • 45:45 - Breeze Intro (Technical Writer)
    • 53:40 - Kamelot Intro (QA Engineer)
    • 58:15 - Mancio92 Intro (Developer)
    • 1:06:00 - Land Update/Overview (Yabapmatt)
    • 1:11:50 - SPS Update/Overview (Yabapmatt)
    • 1:27:25 - Q&A
    • 1:52:50 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥

Development Updates:

  • Yabapmatt has never been more bullish on Splinterlands and the future
    • Multiple projects being worked on simultaneously
    • Splinterlands teams continue to grow and increase bandwidth
    • Current projects are improving the infrastrucutre of the game and economy
  • Current/Upcoming Developments
    • Modern/Wild (~April)
    • New Reward Structure/Economy (~April)
    • SPS Private Distributions Ending
    • Non-Card Market
    • Riftwatchers
    • SPS Validators
    • Land
  • Modern/Wild Recap
    • Modern - Allows Untamed, Dice, & Chaos Legion
      • Power requirements will probably be half the CP requirements
    • Wild - Allows all cards
      • Power requirements will most likely not be changed
    • Reward pool will be doubled due to having two different formats
  • Reward Changes
    • Solution is to build the economy in a way to incentivize active players and encourage card ownership
    • Starter cards will begin to reduce the amount of rewards you earn
      • Using all starter cards will earn 0 rewards
      • Using a few starter cards will still earn rewards, but a reduced amount
      • This will encourage players to start buying cards and/or renting more frequently to earn
      • Team may adjust spellbook purchases to include credits so new players can buy/rent right away and earn without only having starter cards
    • New reward system will have different tiers of reward chests
      • All leagues can earn you a significant number of chests
      • However, lower tiers will see lower quality of rewards
      • Higher leagues will have better chances for better rewards
      • Will keep the incentive for climbing to higher leagues
      • Gold Foil Legendaries are still possible to be earned in Bronze rewards, just very rare
    • Plan on releasing 10 new Reward cards into the mix as well
      • Should include a new ability that may also be seen in the Riftwatchers set
  • Expanding In-Game Market
    • Team is developing an entire new framework for the in-game market
      • Will be more mobile friendly, user friendly, and improve UX/UI
    • Will allow for non-card assets to be bought/sold (land, titles, totems, etc..)

Land Updates (From Yabapmatt - The Wizard Himself):

  • Been laying the groundwork for all the pieces to come together
  • Release dates are still TBD until groundwork is more finalized
  • Phase 1
    • Redeem claims to reveal your land type and rarity
    • Market will support land claims and land plots
    • Map will be introduced to view all the land, tracts, and regions
  • Future developments:
    • Harvesting resources and crafting items/spells
    • Potential automated marketing pools, LP providers, lending platforms

SPS Updates (From Yabapmatt - The Wizard Himself):

  • "I think people are underestimating SPS" - Yabapmatt
  • Riftwatchers will be sold purely for SPS only
    • Will probably be 10x the supply of Dice
  • SPS Validators is basically building their own blockchain platform
    • Currently in the internal testing phase
    • Planning to allow people to buy licenses to run nodes
    • Two ways to earn rewards (split reward pools):
      • Be voted to be a top SPS Validator
      • Purchase licenses to run nodes
        • SPS will be burned and will require vouchers as well
        • There will be a pre-sale for license purchases
        • Licenses will be NFTs and will be tradeable
    • Will be created to be as easiest as possible for anyone to run a node
  • New and interesting SPS features will come after the SPS airdrop is complete
    • Teaser: Splinterlands wants to be its own DeFi platform

Creative Team Updates:

  • New Tome of Chaos Story - Change
    • Main character may show up in Riftwatchers or in the new Reward set
  • Creative team has been churning out assets for all the current projects and upcoming ones as well

Tournament/ESports Updates:

  • $10k Community Gaming tournament went smoothly over the weekend
    • Saw over 60k viewers on Twitch streams
  • Overall tournament participation has increased by more than 30%


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️


  • Currently looking into the HyperX Arena at the Luxor as a potential venue
    • Would allow for live tournaments on an actual ESport-style stage and maybe even an AMA/Townhall
  • Other venues that will allow the same setup are being looked at as well


  • Another ongoing project is to make SPS and DEC easier to buy
  • Looking into third-party services to provide new gateways


  • Team is already discussing how to enhance Guild gameplay and Brawls
  • Guilds will be an important part of the Land expansion
  • Higher level buildings will most likely benefit Land more

Imagine Dragons - Splinterlands Trailer:

Earnings Dashboard:

  • Has been discussed within the team to create a dashboard for all earnings within Splinterlands
    • SPS, DEC, tournament rewards, market listings/rentals, etc...
  • Not as high of a priority though currently

Acquisition Attempts:

  • Splinterlands has been approached twice to be acquired, and both were turned down

Gaming Guilds/Scholarships:

  • Yabapmatt thinks getting gaming guilds into the game is one of the best ways to grow the ecoystem
    • If guilds can raise money and buy a ton of assets and build a scholarship model from them to earn, then it will encourage them to raise more money or encourage other guilds to do the same thing
    • Team is actively speaking with multiple guilds to build tools to make it easier to get them in the game



New Legendary Life Summoner Concept Art

Jared Scar Animation

Cursed Slime Character Development


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