Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - January 30th, 2023!

Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Matt (Co-Founder & CPO)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Nate (Creative Director)
    • Grapthar (Tech Support Lead)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Recording:
  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 02:40 - Support with Grapthar
    • 11:50 - Words from Wizards with InvestyGator
    • 22:25 - Words from Wizards with Matt
    • 1:50:10 - Creative Corner with Nate
    • 1:58:10 -Brawlhalla with Weirdbeard
    • 2:03:40 - Splinterlands TV with R0nd0n
    • 2:11:10 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Support with Grapthar

  • Recovery account
    • Used to make new keys in case you lose them or they are compromised
    • If you make your account through Splinterlands then Splinterlands is the recovery account
    • How to change your Recovery Account
  • Hive ledger
    • People with hardware wallets have been using this
    • Splinterlands doesn't have ledger support at this point so don't change your posting and active keys. Change the owner key only.
  • Always use Hive Key chain

Words from Wizards/Tuesday Release Update: InvestyGator

  • Soulbound reward cards

    • A new set of 43 account bound reward cards will be added to the game! You can read this article for all of the details
    • Ending the print run of previous cards
  • 13th airdrop card - Astral Entity

  • Gameplay updates:

    • Opportunity will no longer attack through Fog of War!
    • The rule sets will be updated so that Equal Opportunity, Super Sneak, and Target Practice will no longer appear with Fog of War.
    • Dispel will remove Bloodlust bonuses.
    • Bloodlust will give +1 to speed in all match types, no longer giving -1 to speed in Reverse Speed matches.
  • Tech modernization changes

    • Dark Energy Crystal management will be moved to the new Tech Modernization interface.
    • Dark Energy Batteries will be added on this page and will be available for sale from this interface in the future.
    • The Challenge notification will be added on Tech Modernization pages.
    • The Gift Acknowledgement display will be added on Tech Modernization pages.
    • Will correct two Tournament notifications that were showing the event ID instead of the opponents name.
  • General Updates

    • The Items → Other Items screen will show many more items, even if you currently don’t own any.
    • Updates to improve the interface for the Land Deed market.
    • Minor changes to listing cards to enforce the minimum rental/sale prices on the user interface.
    • The error handling, if we fail to get results from SimpleSwap for pricing DEC/SPS swaps, will be improved and should no longer carry over incorrect values from other tokens.
    • Will continue small improvements to reduce excessive database calls and improve performance.

Words from Wizards with Matt: Land!

For more detailed info listen to the recording above (Timestamp 22:25)

  • Land - Overview

    • It's a second game within Splinterlands
    • The old cards work to produce the new cards
    • Players can mint their own cards - no other card game has done this
    • Empowers the players
  • Land Proposal

    • Whether or not there should be an option to spend DEC or DEC-B to get better resources on land when surveying goes live
  • Land key characteristics

    • 4 Rarities
    • 14 Land Types
    • Land Categories:
      • Natural
      • Magical
      • Occupied
  • Buildings

    • On each land plot you can construct one building
    • All buildings will have storage
    • One of the types of buildings you will be able to build is an arena
    • If you build an arena - that's where the ranked battles will take place and you will earn reward shares
  • Production

    • You will need to put the monster and summoner cards to work on the land
    • Up to 5 cards per plot (subject to change)
    • Encourage the combining of cards
    • The older cards will be valuable to use on land
    • The newer cards will be valuable at higher levels too
    • You will need to stake DEC in order for your cards to come to life to work on the land
    • The DEC will come from burning SPS
  • Items and spell cards

    • Still quite a while away
    • The product that your business will make from your land production
    • Most people don't have land and will need these cards
  • Land will also open up prefix name titles

    • You can earn titles through differnt goals and objectives
  • Eventually there will be a competition between the territories to unlock the secret of Praetoria

    • When it is completed there will be an airdrop
  • There will be leaderboards for land

  • Castles and Keeps

    • Can have sub buildings that can be upgraded
    • Castle and Keep owners can just sit back and collect benefits
    • Everyone can contribute to upgrading in case the owner is MIA
    • The more you contribute, the more you will benefit
  • Resources

    • Natural

    • Magical

    • Occupied Essences

    • There will also be Refined resources

      • For example, you can combine the grain with the essences to create sustenance so that your workers can keep producing
  • Runi

    • A special type of worker
    • One runi per plot
    • Will give you significant benefits on your plot
  • Final thoughts - You will need a large amount of DEC and high level cards if you want a powerhouse land business

Brawlhalla with Weirdbeard

  • Friday was the first owned Gladiator card tournament
  • Tournaments will continue to be on Fridays
  • Cryptomancer is close to implementing sets in the tournaments and brawl system
  • Opening up for comments on the brawl frays

👀 Eye Candy 👀



Fiends concept

Occupied Land Monsters

Mid Level Keep

Astral Entity

Splinterlands TV:

  • Clip of the week
  • SplinterlandsTV Shoutouts:
    • thejestergamer
    • dtam15
    • Cimmeron_n_Laz

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