Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - February 15th, 2024!

Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - February 15th, 2024!

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Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Yabapmatt (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Nate (Creative)
  • Recordings:
  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Yabapmatt
    • 2:00 -Investygator
    • 14:10 - Nate
    • 25:40 - Yabapmatt
    • 1:02:00 - Q&A


💥 Key Points 💥

Tuesday Release Notes

Gameplay Updates

A new rule set, Blood and Sunder, will be added. When this rule set is in play, all Units have Corrosive Ward.


Land Updates

Will fix an issue with staking Runi that was introduced in the previous update.

Tech Modernization

The Shop pages will all be moved over to the new client. More specifically:

  • The Guild shop page.

  • The License shop page.

  • The Potions shop page.

  • The Riftwatchers shop page.

  • The Skins shop page.

  • The Soulkeep shop page.

The Riftwatcher’s Airdrop claim page will be moved over to the new client.

Blood & Power stones will once again be purchased with Merits.

A new Land shop page will be added that consolidates all Land related items in one location.


General Updates

Will improve the intelligence of how Combine All works to try to get more optimal max level cards without going over the maximum number of cards needed.

Will add the ability to send more than 350 cards at once, by automatically batching transactions behind the scenes.

Will add a display of potions used when opening Seasonal and Daily rewards.

Will improve the error messaging on the Login screen, to distinguish between a connection failure and an incorrect password.

Due to no tournaments having used these tokens for quite a long period of time, we will remove ENTRY, SIM, CINE, STMINI, STREGULAR, STJUMBO, and STSUPER tokens from the tournament prize selection display.

Will add more detailed messaging when combining cards, particularly when doing so with cards staked onto Mage Wagons.

Will improve tournament warnings when the entry fee is more than the maximum prize in estimated value.

Will add a variation on the combat results music outro, that was previously only on the Mobile app.

Will add a tool-tip on the proposal notification dot, to better denote what it is indicating.

The API players/balance_history no longer accepts an offset. Instead, we will add additional “from” and “last_update_date” filters that will be the starting point for a query. By default, from will be the current time if not passed in. This should improve performance when scrolling through Currency Activity history records.

Claiming staking rewards will be split into a distinct block operation from staking 0 SPS. The new operation is sm_claim_staking_rewards, which takes a “token” argument of “SPS”. Attempts to stake 0 SPS will now fail, though valid staking operations will still also claim outstanding staking rewards.

Will fix an issue where a Chromecast button would appear on some in-game videos on some browsers.

Will fix the Conflicts banner overlapping the Rebellion text on smaller screens.

Will remove the Venly login option, as it hasn’t been functional for over a year.

Will update the API documentation.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

Fixed an issue with watching matches specifically from the Events (Tournaments) page.

Improved the performance of some land related queries that were stressing the servers.

Company Updates

Soulkeep Game Officially Sold to Double Coconut

Card Burn Event Proposal

  • Plan to update the proposal to include the promo cards and have that be our halving event

Ranked System Rework

  • First phase of the ranked system rework will be deployed on February 29th.

  • Will no longer be able to choose not to advance to higher leagues

  • Will remove card level caps in ranked battles (not tournaments/brawls)

  • Will remove leaderboards except Champion

  • Will give flat +/- 20 rating points for win/loss (could be more or less, but let's start w/ this for now) - if going w/ 20, should make all resets be multiples of 20

  • Will remove league-specific SPS reward pools and make them one big reward pool for modern and wild ranked battle wins

  • Will change matchmaking so that it's not limited by league, it should just try to match to the closest rating possible

  • Next step is to rework the reward system - plan is to implement a reward point shop

Other Updates

Planning on releasing a new set of Soulbound reward cards in the future

One click set rentals - this will help the new player experience - will be happening in the near future

Grain DEC market is coming along

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