Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - August 8th, 2022 - 1PM Eastern!


Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Haythem (Sr Product Manger)
    • Hardpoint (Developer)
    • Kaymariaw (Product Marketing)
    • Realityvsmodel (Growth Marketing Manager)
    • AJ (EMP Team Lead)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Main Topics:
    • Genesis League Soccer 💥
    • Q&A 👀
    • Company Updates ⚡️
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 01:10 - Team Introduction
    • 01:50 - Genesis League Soccer Announcement
    • 18:05 - Haythem Intro (Sr Product Manger)
    • 26:40 - Hardpoint Update (GLS)
    • 32:30 - Kaymariaw (GLS)
    • 33:35 - Realityvsmodel (GLS)
    • 52:20 - AJ (EMP Partnership)
    • 1:03:30 - Matt & Hardpoint (Splinterlands Roadmap)
    • 1:11:50 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 1:17:50 - Splinterfest Update
    • 1:19:15 - WeirdBeard Update (Tournaments/Brawls)
    • 1:22:25 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:35:30 - Q&A
    • 2:03:10 - Closing Remarks


Genesis League Soccer - Splinterlands & MLSPA Partnership

High Level Summary

  • New project will be a play & earn soccer game that will be built in partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA)
  • Deal was made through the OneTeam organization
    • Manage player associations through NFL, MLB, WNBA, Rugby, etc...
    • This soccer platform is only the first stepping stone for growing into other platforms and leagues
  • Genesis platform will be modeled after the Splinterlands platform
    • Will run on the HIVE blockchain
    • Will run its own set of Validator nodes with its own token associated with the platform
  • This is an exciting opportunity for the team to continue to expand the ecosystem and bring in new investors
    • Rather than let another company take this opportunity, the team wanted to take advantage of the exposure as it will lead to even more opportunities
    • Since the SPL team is creating the platform, the SPL team will have a say in how the economy is designed and how they can create value for SPL asset holders
  • SPL has two seperate teams to allow for this work to be done in tandem with what is being done on Splinterlands as well

Splinterlands Asset Holder Benefits

  • There will be an airdrop for all SPS stakers
    • Will be a token airdrop that is for the whole platform, not just for the soccer platform
    • Team teased a 6 month - 12 month long airdrop
  • Value created for SPS token holders will be through Splinterlands services that are built around SPS modeling
    • Service Examples:
      • Allow payments
      • Account management
      • Customer support
    • Third-party developers will be able to use any of these services which would then create more utility for SPS
  • As more and more platforms are built, more and more new investors will join the ecosystem and benefit everyone

Next Steps

  • Pack sale will begin in October
  • Need to wait for the end of the soccer season to gain the player stats and use them in the game
  • Whitepaper for the Genesis League Platform should be released in the next month or so

GLS Announcements


  • Potential gameplay:
    • Will consist of managing a team of players, playing other players online, and earning rewards for winning matches
  • Plan on having a market like Splinterlands to buy/sell/rent the NFTs
  • Genesis League Sports platform will release a token that will be used for all games built on the platform
    • There won't be an individual token for each game built on the platform
  • Validator node code will be generic, but you will need to be running the individual Validator node software for either SPL or GLS
  • More detailed information should all be included in the GLS whitepaper


💥 Company Updates 💥


  • Algorithm token pegged to ETH
    • Not a stabletoken
    • Pegged to the price of Ethereum via seigniorage at a rate of 4000 EMP:1 ETH
    • Decentralized platform through smart-contracts, no third-party interactions or foul play
  • EMP token has been supported as a payment token in Splinterlands
  • EMP team has started a guild and hired SPL players to be coaches
    • Team wants to make it easy for their community to get into SPL
  • Read more in the Partnership announcement
  • EMP Discord Server - https://discord.gg/empmoney


  • Ranked Rewards updates are constantly being worked on and analyzed
  • SPS Validators private net has finished development and is being tested internally
  • Non-Card Market and Tech Modernization have been rebranded as Land
    • First step in building a strong foundation to build Land on top of
  • Team has active working sessions underway for Land every day
    • Looking to showoff some Land teasers at Splinterfest!


  • Last Brawl Townhall was a success!
    • Some concerns were the following:
      • Adding additional time to the timer when submitting Brawl battles
      • Still rewarding players fairly even if guild members don't fill all Frays

Splinterlands TV:


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

SPS Ranked Rewards:

  • There is a fixed amount of SPS that will be released for Ranked rewards
    • Will be split between Ranked battles, daily reward chests, and season reward chests
  • Portion for battle rewards will be significantly larger than the current DEC rewards
  • Future iteration of SPS ranked rewards will include SPS staked to receive SPS rewards
    • Won't need to stake it yourself, players can stake on you
    • Will release more information as the team gets closer to implementing this

Reward Dashboard:

  • Team is implementing an internal dashboard with live data feeds
  • Want to make some of it public so whole community could view live data of rewards given out, and many other things


  • Phase 1 will consist of turning your Land Claim to receive Land Deeds
    • Tract Claim == 100 Land Deeds
    • Claim will let you view where on the map that Land Plot is located
    • Next step will allow you to survey your Land Deed
      • Survey will indicate the type and category your Land Plot is
    • All Deeds will be tradeable on the non-card market
  • Phase 2 will consist of the first Land functionality
    • Harvesting resources, instilling buildings, etc...
  • Phase 3 will probably include the first ability to craft items/spells
  • Land Workers:
    • The older and more rare a card is, the more valuable it will be as a Land worker
    • Land workers won't be allowed to be used in battles while actively on Land
  • PvE Ideas:
    • Boss Fights may involve different types of attacks, stats, armor, etc...
    • Defeating Boss monsters will reward you with prizes of armor or gear
    • May combine armor or gear to be able to advance to the next Boss monster

Rift Watchers:

  • New Rift Watcher cards will include a couple new abilities
  • Generally the team looks at the meta and adds cards/abilities that will try to balance the field
  • Team is hoping that the pre-sale for Rift Watchers will be end of August
    • If you want your SPS to be available, you may want to start unstaking it!
  • Vouchers will most likely work like the Chaos Legion pre-sale
    • Means they will be required in the pre-sale, but participating will reward you with extra benefits



Splinterfest Shop Page Preview

Splinterfest Wallpaper

Non-Card Market Preview

Scavo Technomancer - Rift Watcher Preview


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