Splinterlands Tower Defense Dev Diary - November 18th 2022

November 18th 2022

This week has been a hugely productive one. Our level designers are finally able to actually design some levels!

Now, to be sure, they're horrible levels. Unbalanced as a greased hog on ice. Uglier than a naked mole rat (Google it if you dare). And as incomplete as the self-control of a sugar-addled toddler.

But they work! It's a very exciting start and now gives our full team the tools they need to actually PLAY what we're working on, day by day, and see it come to fruition.

Tower Defense pack sales are there for the plucking! Don't forget that for every pack you own, you'll earn SPS as a thank you for being early and waiting for the full game release.

Where We're At

As we build out our tools we're hard at work customizing all of the objects that populate the game.

  • ✅ Basic towers -- single attack and 'splash damage' are working well.
  • ✅ Basic tower attack types -- physical, magic, and pure (piercing all resistence) are working.
  • ✅ Basic 'slowdown' towers are working.
  • ✅ Basic 'stun' towers are working.
  • ✅ Basic fiends that crawl, walk, run, and fly through the paths.
  • ✅ Boss fiends that take very heavy damage.

In progress:

  • Special towers that have unique abilities such as exhancing Mana production, etc.
  • A plethora of very unique spells.
  • The mechanics of how a Hero works to turn the tide of battle.
  • Boss special abilities such as spawning other fiends, healing, and more!

Coming Up: Art

We're working on really great visuals that will delight players and also make it clear what is going on in terms of gameplay at any given moment. Some of our spells are really coming together nicely, with cool icons for the spell as well as groovy special effects when the spell is unleashed. Here's a glimpse at the "Quick Flu" spell:

Betcha didn't know that the undead can catch colds too!

We've also decided to update the look of our first Hero. We really wanted to make her a) fit more into the world of the game as it has evolved, in a style and feel that matches everything else and b) really feel like the special collectible she is, which will be beyond legendary and coveted by all players. Here she is, showing off her unique ability to achieve critical hits on the baddest baddies at long range. Our latest concepts are here:

We'd love your feedback!

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