Splinterlands AMA Summary - October 29th, 2021 - 2PM Eastern!

Splinterlands AMA Summary - October 29th, 2021 - 2PM Eastern!


AMA Summary

  • Speakers: Aggroed, Yabapmatt, Sicarius, Hardpoint, Nateaguila, Rondon, Clayborn & Chatter
  • Main Topics:
    • Doctor Blight Revealing (Eye Candy)
    • Chaos Legion Release
    • Vouchers Continuation Post Pre-sale
  • Recording Link:


👀 = See Eye Candy!

Chaos Legion 👀:

  • Big purchases are coming in for the pre-sale
  • Chaos Legion launch is planned for start of December
    • This will be when Chaos Legion cards can be opened in game
    • This will be before the Modern and Wild format is released
  • Brawl frays and tournaments won't be updated immediately upon CL release
    • Will allow some time for players to build their CL deck first
    • But Chaos Legion only will be introduced
  • The 13 airdrops after the pre-sale will have different chances per pack
    • Depends on the rarity of the card, and which number of airdrop it is
    • Higher rarity = lower chance for airdrop
    • Guaranteed amounts will be different per airdrop too
    • Only the buyer of the packs from the in-game store will receive airdrops


  • Official post is coming and will be published soon!
  • Vouchers will continue to be dropped after pre-sale
    • Will be given out at double the rate
  • Vouchers will be required for the first 2 million packs in public sale
    • Vouchers won't be required for packs after these 2 million packs are sold out
    • This public sale may start shortly after the pre-sale ends
  • After the 2 million packs, vouchers will be required only to receive bonus packs
  • Going forward, vouchers will remain critical in getting the coolest assets in game
    • Vouchers don't make the team money
    • Vouchers provide more value to SPS, which provides more value to SPS holders


  • Looking to expand potions in the game
    • Airdrop potions
    • Guild related potions
    • Land related potions
    • May require vouchers to buy


  • Team continues to brainstorm ways to give advantages to SPS stakers
  • Again, only time Aggroed sells SPS is when he builds liquidity pools
    • The rest of the SPS he continues to stake

Scaling & Dev Work:

  • Most backend issues have been resolved
    • Will still be lingering issues here and there
  • Team believes they made the servers fully stable
    • Will continue to monitor and keep scaling to prevent future issues
  • 3-6 month project of onboarding members and getting them up-to-speed
  • Team developed a new support portal for the support members
    • Will allow support members to resolve issues more efficiently
  • Please continue to be patient with the support team as they go through tickets
    • Team understands the frustrations and are trying to do everything they can
    • Process is constantly improving and all tickets will be addressed eventually
  • Hardpoint is driving to publish a team calendar for more transparency


  • No new updates

Future Feature Roadmap:

  • Will allow all assets to be locked eventually (land, titles, totems, etc..)
  • Animations
  • New card skins



Chaos Legion Is Coming!

- Watch Aggroed's Introduction In The Recording Link! -

💪 Doctor Blight Revealing 💪

- Disclaimer: This card, abilities, and stats are still subject to change! -

Mount Praetorus Concept Art


Easter Eggs

- This symbol will be very important in the lore! -

Another New Wallpaper


- Idle Animation -

- Attacking Animation -


Recent Updates

Gameplay Updates

  • SPS/BNB Cake Farm Boost + New Syrup Pool
  • DEC Battle Rewards Update
  • SPS Minting Update
  • API Updates & Limits (For Third-Party Developers)

Security Updates

  • Requiring Active Auth for ALL Accounts
  • Link External Wallets to Require Active Key
  • Don't Allow Login With Master Password
  • Updated Password Policy


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