#Splinterlands - Season #16 - The last season with old reward cards

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Hello all Splinterland tribes,
It's me again with the report from previous season, the last season in which you received the old reward cards. After this season, you will only receive the new Soulbound rewards.
Another season with 2 CL packs. So I had 3 consecutive seasons of getting 2 CL packs and got a total of 10 CL packs in 4 last seasons. Not so bad.

1. SPS earning

  • I was able to get 741 liquid SPS from this season and I staked all of them in the game
  • My in-game staked SPS now is 7076, achieved 47.18% compared to the target

2. Rental DEC earning

With the reduction in the DEC revenue, I already cut down some renting cards so the expenses were reduced. In the end, the net DEC earnings increased a bit even though my revenue was lower than season#15.
I expect the rental income of current season will be very low. People are waiting for the new meta with the new Soulbound reward cards before renting the cards.

3. Cards

  • The deck value is stable at the range of $800.
  • 99 cards were sold and I bought 12 cards to level up as below
  • Combined 3 cards to play and to rent out with higher price (I hope 😁)

4. Next steps

  • Move up to the Gold league at season end ✅
  • Regularly join the Brawls ✅ The new soulbound summoners with Conscript ability is another reason for me to join the Brawls regularly. I can get MERITS and level up my Gladiator cards which can be used in ranked battles now. It will be a huge advantage if you have the Gladiator cards. I think it's the way to give the real players a high chance to beat the bots and people will return to play Splinterlands naturally again instead of using bots.
  • About the old reward cards, I'm still thinking how to make them the most beneficial and I will hold them at the moment
  • Daily play the game and get at least 10 reward chests to get as many new soulbound reward cards as possible.

That's all for now. See you in the next report.

#play2earn #Splinterlands
If you don't have a Splinterlands account, join with me here https://splinterlands.com/?ref=sodom-lv

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