#Splinterlands - My thought about new reward system - P1


2 more days, the new reward system will be deployed after the current season end. So this is the right time for me to think about new season-end rewards.

My question here is WILL I STAY in SILVER or go to GOLD league?

Let me make some calculations here to decide.

There are some conditions to start the calculation

  1. I play in Silver 1.
  2. I win average 215 battles in last 10 seasons.
  3. I still use some starter cards, which will reduce my reward standpoint (SP). In next season, I will rent some Starter cards that I usually play and get more rewards SP
  4. I only play when the ERC is above 80%
  5. With the condition 4 & 5, I assume to get around 66% of the average Rshare in below table

How many Rshares to be earned in 1 season?

Total earned Rshares = number of win matches * avg Rshares/win * 66% = 215 * 3048 * 66% = 432511

With above scores, I guess I will receive 35 Silver chests if I stay in Silver league this season or 18 Gold chests if I go to Gold league.


I take percentage of each reward type and multiply it by the number of chests. I will have a percentage of each reward type when I open all the season chest. This method is for reference only.

Number of chest3518
Reward card1330%774%
Legendary chance10.64%9.288%
GF chance26.6%23.22%


If I stay in Silver league, I will have a higher chance to get Legendary and GF reward card.
If I move to Gold league, I will need more 30k CP, which will cost me 1500 DEC on the last day.
After consideration, I decide to stay in Silver league.
And I feel happy with new reward system because I can earn double of season-end chests with current system.

pHow about you? Please share your thought on the new reward system.


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