Splinterlands challenge - Unprotected | Low level monsters can win

Hello all Splinterlands friends,
This is my entry for the Battle Mage Secrets challenge.
This week's theme is the Unprotected ruleset, so I would like to share a battle with it.

The battle ruleset

  • 21 mana cap - a low mana battle
  • Ruleset - Unprotected and Super Sneak
  • Splinter - Only Fire and Dragon Splinter can be used

With these rulesets, I decided to use Fire melee monsters to utilize the benefit of Super Sneak, even though I don't have high-level Fire monsters in my deck.

My lineup

SummonerTarsa - to get +1 melee attack and +1 health to all my monsters with only 4 mana, so I can have more monsters on the field
1st positionFineas Rage - normally, I don't use him because he is only level 1. But he's useful in this battle with high speed and high HP. Another choice is Living Lava but I don't have him in my deck. If I use him, my reward will be deducted.
2nd positionExploding Rats - he has high speed but minor health. I want to use the Blast ability to damage the enemy team as much as possible
3rd positionAnt Miners - another level 1 monster. Even he has only 1 HP but he will be stronger in the later stage with Scavenger ability
4th positionScorch Fiend - 0 mana and no harm to have 1 more monster on the battlefield.
5th positionXenith Monk - with Super Sneak ruleset, all the melee monsters will attack the last position monster. So I put him in the last position with the hope that he can stay longer on the battlefield with his Heal skill

The battle

You can click on the image to watch the battle

  • My enemy chose Dragon Splinter with Quix the Devious level 2 as the summoner. All the monsters are at max level and DJinn Chwala is at the backline to return any melee attack with Thorn skill.
  • Luckily, I didn't choose any range monster so my monsters didn't reduce the attack
  • In Round 1, my Exploding Rats took the 1st attack and he was killed by *Thorn skill. After that, Scorch Fiend was suicide as well but he still could take 2 HP from DJinn Chwala. However, my Ant Miners HP was increased and he could finish DJinn Chwala and continued staying on the battlefield.
  • In Round 2, my team finished Firecaller and Antoid Platoon was strengthened. But he alone couldn't against 3 monsters. And my monsters sealed the win in Round 3.

That's all for now.
Hope you enjoy this battle and have a nice weekend!

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