Splinterlands challenge - Reverse Speed|| A chance for me to use some monsters which are not active for a while

Hello all Splinterlands friends,
This is my entry for the Battle Mage Secrets challenge
This week's theme is the Reverse Speed ruleset, so I would like to share a battle with it.

The battle ruleset

  • 44 mana cap
  • Ruleset - Reverse Speed
  • Splinter - Fire/Earth and Death Splinter can be used

With this ruleset, I prefer Death Splinter because Death monsters normally have high damage but low speed. If I use Death Splinter, low speed becomes the advantage in Reverse Speed battle

My lineup

SummonerThaddius Brood - to reduce 1 magic attack and 1 health point from all enemy monsters
1st postionCursed Windeku - he is one of my favorite tanker in the Modern format with good health, good attack and Thorns ability to reflect melee damage to attackers
2nd postionArachne Thug - another melee monster with good attack and he can attack from 2nd position with Reach ability
3rd postionUsut - definitely I will use him in the high mana battle. He has low speed and Fly ability that makes him has very high chance to evade the attacks.
4th postionAncient Lich - I rarely use him in recent battle. But he is very powerful in Reverse Speed battle with only 1 speed and Life Leech ability. He becomes stronger and stronger in later stages.
5th postionSand Worm - I also don't use him so often. However, he is a good choice in this battle with high attack and low speed as well as Sneak ability
6th postionHalfling Alchemist - I only have 2 mana left and this guy is a perfect match for the last position. I just need him to cut half the attack of enemy tanked because he is one of the monsters making the early attack

The battle

You can click on the image to watch the battle

My enemy chose Fire Splinter and it's a strong team, most of the monsters are in maximum level with Tarsa level 3.

  • Grum Flameblade is an extremely powerful monster with Void Armor and Bloodlust ability. Luckily, I have Halfling Alchemist in my lineup and reduced his attack from 5 to 2.
  • Ash Mirage reduces the range attack by 1. Another lucky point is I didn't have any monster impacted by Headwinds ability from Ash Mirage. And he was killed by my Sand Worm in round 2.
  • Sorriel the Bale is another powerful monster. He is on my wishlist and I hope to get him in the near future. However, he was nerfed by my Thaddius Brood and he can not make big difference in the game. He was also killed by my Sand Worm in round 3.

Finally, Ancient Lich could finish the battle in round 5

That's all for now and hope you enjoy this battle.
I would love to see your battle with the Reverse Speed ruleset in the Splinterlands community.

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